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July 23 2010

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! Raise a glass, she turns 29 today.

"I didn't get you anything."

Happiest of birthdays to our favorite crazy psychic person/Terminator!
It's GlauDay! Nope... that's bad.

Happy Birthday Summer!
Charisma just turned 40 and Summer is turning 29. Where does the time go? Thankfully, both ladies continue to be made of awesome win and are very pretty. :) Happy Birthday, Summer!
Yeah! I'm the same age as Summer! I never knew that.
Oh my gosh, she does not look her age. NOBODY in the Whedonverse looks their age. Does Joss have some anti-aging serum stashed away somewhere?

Happy Birthday Summer Glau!
Four years older than me and she looks like she could be my younger sister. Yeesh... Bring on the depression.
Happy birthday!

Joss should get her a present. Something like a role in the Avengers.
It just can't be possible. Wow, time flies.

Happy birthday Summer! Hope your day was as sweet and wonderful as you are.
sweet! she's exactly 3 years younger than me.
Happy Birthday, Summer Glau! Keep dancing, acting and embodying all sorts of grace.
Happy Birthday, Summer. Here's wishing you a shiny year with many blessings.
Gotta echo what's come before...there's gotta be a secret formula Joss is giving to his leading ladies, cuz even on an off day, I couldn't have told you that Summer's 29 (28 prior to today ;D).

Happy birthday to our beloved warrior ballerina!
Wish I could say happy birthday in person. Summer's an absolute gem.
Happy Birthday Summer! Keep on shining.
Happy birthday! Wow, I wasn't aware that we are the same age, I just celebrated my 29th birthday recently.
"Day is a vestigial mode of time measurments based on solar cycles, it's not applicable... I didn't get you anything."
Happy Birthday, and best of luck with The Cape!
Happy Birthday, Summer!
Summer Glau's birthday is like Christmas Eve in July!
Happy Birthday SUMMMWER
Fitting that it's Wonder Woman's birthday as well.
Happy Birthday, Summer!!!

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