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July 23 2010

Trailer for Felicia Day's Syfy movie "Red". It will air soon according to the website.

CAMPINESS ALERT! Trying to make a line like "I want to tell Nathan about our family history" sound dramatic ... urgh. But I'm hoping it's just a bad trailer, and that the actual film will be good.
This looks bad... really bad.

Here's hoping it makes it to Mammoth territory.
Wow... I was expecting something awesome. But then again, it's Syfy... you should never really get your hopes up with them.
I thought, the idea had potential... I thought this might be one of the rare good SyFy-productions... false hope.
What? No psychic/mutant/alien/human/mushroom/enchanted bunny creatures? Syfy is slipping!
Well, in fairness, at least the trailer doesn't build false expectations, this is one of those instances when it may really be better than it looks (we know Felicia's got the goods and Stephen McHattie is pretty reliable too - anyone seen his indie horror movie 'Pontypool' ? Not entirely successful but a really interesting idea I reckon and he's great in it).

But yeah, doesn't exactly blow you away at first glance.

(hopefully it's slightly better than 'Mammoth' though. To me that wasn't so bad it was good, it was just bad)
Yeah, Mammoth was horrible. This looks like it could go that way too, but I have some hope. They do have Stephen Mchattie, but then again, 2012 had him too.
Well, this isn't even the movie called Red I'm most looking forward to.
I concur. Was actually wondering whether they'd either change the name (or give it a subtitle).
It reminded me of Supernatural for some reason.
Doesn't look too good, but it'll be worth seeing once just to see Felicia Day shoot people up :)
Wow, rough crowd. I thought it looks all right. And hey... Felicia Day.
Looks lame but I'll watch anyway, I'm sure. xD
Oh you guys are all too picky! It is Felicia Day looking awesome, and some good co-stars. So what if the script/plot/filming leave something to be desired? I'll be enjoying every second of it regardless.
"Regardless" embers ? Genuinely ? I never did get the hang of that particular type of fandom and I doubt I ever will. Hope not anyway.
Well I'm sorry you don't get the concept of enjoying seeing Felicia Day (looking pretty beautiful w/great hair and makeup) on your TV screen. I enjoy a lot of things for just a single performance. The only reason to watch 'Jaws 4' was to see Michael Caine as an Aussie pilot, and yesterday I saw an absolutely terrible movie, 'Masterminds', but still enjoyed Patrick Stewart's campy bad guy and Vincent Kartheiser back before he was Connor.
Well I'm sorry you don't get the concept of enjoying seeing Felicia Day (looking pretty beautiful w/great hair and makeup) on your TV screen.

That I get. That just isn't what you actually said embers. I.e. i'm assuming (fairly reasonably I reckon) that Felicia won't be in every second of the film. I can also enjoy one performance while thinking the movie itself is rubbish but claiming you're going to enjoy every second regardless of the quality of the film just strikes me as kind of daft (now it seems that's apparently not what you actually meant though given your wording it doesn't seem an unreasonable take on what you said).

(FWIW BTW, Michael Caine's character in 'Jaws 4' is English. Or at least if he isn't that's a) the first time i've heard otherwise and b) one of the worst Aussie accents committed to screen, even by Michael Caine's standards - a great actor who famously doesn't often do other accents)
There is no law that states that something must fall under the category of a person's definition of "good" for them to find it enjoyable - quite to the contrary in fact.
If only XKCD actually was the law. In fact, if I ever start my own cult that'll be our motto "XKCD shall be the whole of the law" ;).

Back to the "so bad it's good" thing i'm assuming (doesn't seem to have much to do with the preceding comments) ? Cos I understand the difference between being good and being enjoyable, I just thought 'Mammoth' was neither good nor enjoyable. It was, as I say, just bad. Mileage varies, of course ;).
I thought the last 15 minutes of Jewel's Mothman was so bad it was good. Morena's and Adam's was just bad. Can't remember enough of Mammoth to say either way. This, I'll watch just to see Felicia being badass.
This looks like a Canadian production, and a Canadian sci-fi production to boot. least she's getting hired, bright side.

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