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July 24 2010

The Joss Whedon Experience - the video. Watch yesterday's Comic-Con event courtesy of Buffyfest.

I've just finished watching them, seriously, like two minutes ago. It's amazing. Wasn't a bad question in the bunch. Also, Joss knows how to work a room.
Me too also. Cheers for that buffyfest, you rock ;).
Nathan Fillion with a moustache was incredible. He should just have that on permanently.
Just finished now biggest of shout outs to Buffyfest cause that was some awesome coverage
He was amazaballs. There were standing ovations all around, I don't think I've met a comiconner who wasn't completely in love.
That was absolutely fantastic - thank you, Buffyfest. And thanks to Joss too, of course.
Great surprise at the end and interesting throughout. Thanks again to Buffyfest.
This really makes me hate living in England. That was awesome - cheers, Buffyfest.
Fantastico--thank you, Buffyfest!
I've subscribed to Buffyfest, and I REALLY want to spread the love and proffer my thanks! This is a beautiful clear tape, thank you so much!
Anyone notice the shoutout to Whedonesque in the second video (at 7:55)?
I think he views Whedonesque as internet porn.
That was a lot of fun. Thank you, Bufffest!
That was great! Thoroughly entertaining and informative.

Also adding my thanks to Buffyfest. Wonderful job.
Whedonesque? Depression. Definitely depression (whether on the up or down side your guess is as good as mine - probably depends on how his day is going.)
Thanks for putting this up, Buffyfest. Obviously, not quite the same as being there in person, but still great to be able to see it. Thanks again. :)
Yeeeeees, I hope Joss wasn't linking Whedonesque with depression. We're of the good over here, for the most part.

Buffyfest, you're awesome for sharing this. It does make you feel if you can't go at all or only on one day, like me, that you experienced a missed opportunity in even a small way. So So good.

Joss has certainly learned how to work a room. Unfortunately, that whole "want to see him in person" thing has just not worked out. Oh yes, there was that moment in 2006 when he walked right by me, but what was I supposed to do, tackle him? Ah well.
I know we're all like not supposed to self-pimp on here... but I figured you all would want to know that I posted the entire Joss Whedon/JJ Abrams panel video over here.
Thanks so much. So glad everyone is enjoying our coverage! It's our pleasure and if we didn't have our fantastic camera man Ivan, we wouldn't be able to do this. Getting "The Avengers" panel up right now.

By the way, it was so nice meeting all of you who attended Wednesday's dinner. Hope you're having a great time at SDCC.
Ahh, this is perfect. All together in one place and great quality - I should have been more patient.

(would have actually gotten some sleep last night - "last night" in my weird time zone)

So good to see Joss in action again, bringing the funny and the brilliant and the general awesome.
"Do... do you like... have a favorite... actor..."

Nathan is a wonderful guy, a great actor and such a HAAAAAAM! :-)

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