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July 24 2010

James Marsters voices villain in new DC Universe Online trailer. The first voice you'll hear should be very familiar...

Okay, that was pretty awesome.
Where. Do. I. Pre. Order?
Wow!!! That's amazing!
Yep, awesome springs to mind.

That's not the game engine though right ? Somebody tell me that's not the game engine, i'm having palpitations ;).
Very cool that Marsters is playing Lex Luthor again, I enjoyed his nutty performance in Superman: Doomsday.

Is it just me or is Brainiac the villain in all the recent Justice League games ? JL Heroes from 2006 had him as the main villain as well, from what I remember (haven't actually finished it, just play it with my little cousins when I babysit every now and then, so maybe it's revealed later that someone/something else is behind it all). Does this get old, to any DC fans out there, or is it kinda necessary because Brainiac is one of the only credible threats that could take on all the heroes of the DC Universe(s?), especially since his constant resurrections/returns are very credible and easy to write due to the machine rebuild/program copy thing ?

Something I never got around to asking while discussing the JL cartoons elsewhere--is the Lex/Brainiac bond (or variations of it, as the method of infection/bonding in this game looks to be different than how it happened in Justice League Unlimited--or Superman: TAS, more accurately) something from the comics ? Or was it first introduced in the cartoons ?

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I don't know exactly what's coming November, but I want it!
Oh boy, this is great! Can hardly wait!
I want this to be a movie. Like, now. Awesome trailer.
As much as I love anything James does, with all his voices and accents I would not have known that was him without it being pointed out. That is one of the reasons I admire his voice acting so much. I can listen to the audio books of Dresden Files and it is like a movie playing in my head with James as the only actor. I would love for this trailer to be made into a movie. Looking forward to James coming back in Smallville as Brainiac.
I'm been wanting this game for so long. I so hope its worth the wait. Most MMO's aren't, but I'm hoping hard for this one.
Never played an MMO (beyond just to try it out) but this one is very tempting. May well take a proper look (depending on the subscription model and so on).

... is the Lex/Brainiac bond ... something from the comics ? Or was it first introduced in the cartoons ?

The way we see it in Superman: TAS or JLU i.e. as a sort of symbiotic meld that to some extent shares common goals first appeared (AFAIK) in the cartoons Kris. But Brainiac as an entirely controlling influence is very much from the comics - he took over quite a few people either using his mental powers or (later on) with technology and in the (as you'd expect ;) pretty decent Alan Moore story "Whatever Happened to the man of Tomorrow ?" Luthor finds the remains of Brainiac which then takes him over completely (he's very much NOT into the idea) and proceeds to try to kill Big Blue (it's kind of a "What if ?" epilogue story to the pre-crisis Superman, well worth a look).

(since the cartoon incarnation though there've been various android/nanotech/other Brainiacs, they kind of back-ported that version into the comics universe)

In general, I think the reason he pops up so often is that a) as you say, he's believable as a global threat that could take on the whole JLA and hope to win (where JLA games are concerned as both a physically powerful enemy and an intellectual Brainiac poses a threat to the different types of hero within the team - Superman and Wonder Woman's strength, Batman's brains and tactical acumen etc.) and b) because he's had a few incarnations he's fairly flexible. I.e. the current technological version has been nanites, android based, a cyborg etc. so that in, for instance, a game you can have creepy, organic "Alien" like environments, you can have clean tech based environments, you can have one big "planet eater" ship (in the shape of a skull, so creepy and cool) or multiple individuals, you can have heroes taken over and used as puppets etc. There's a lot you can do with him in other words that you couldn't do with e.g. Doomsday.

Added to that, because of the cartoons that incarnation has a fair bit of mindshare that other villains maybe don't.
I've heard people say that DCUO wouldn't be a genuine MMO, but now I think it seems like it will be. The thing that Lex does at the end there is almost certainly the set up, the main conceit behind the MMO setting -- he did something that's going to be revealed to have been the source of powers for player characters in the game.

I've played a couple different MMOs extensively -- WoW and City of Heroes (which surely is the inspiration for DC even bothering).

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