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July 24 2010

(SPOILER) IDW announces a new Illyria miniseries. Buffyfest reports that IDW will be launching a new 4-issue miniseries featuring Illyria. There's a rather gorgeous cover by Jenny Frison and some minor spoilers for the main ANGEL book. The miniseries will be written by Mariah Huehner and Scott Tipton, and will be drawn by Elena Casagrande. First issue is scheduled for a November release. And coverage from today's IDW Comic Con panel (which includes some interesting Spike news) can be found here.

Will most certainly be picking this up.
The cover looks amazing and even the idea of Illyria stepping out of the Angel comic for a while to see the spotlight in her own mini is intriguing, but once again IDW is spreading the title out over a lot of simultaneously running titles.
Yes. Brian Lynch and Scott Tipton writing Buffyverse books at the same time. Things seem to be back on track for IDW. Can't wait for this. Been wanting Tipton back on the book for a long, long time now.
I hope IDW announces some sort of project that syncs Angel up with his Twilight persona in Buffy.
Well Brian just confirmed who the Buffy character cameo in his Spike series is at the IDW panel going on right now.It's who I suspected,Willow.

Also Bill Wilingham is leaving the Angel monthly.

Mariah Huehner and David Tischman(Angel:Barbary Coast) are the new writers of Angel starting with issue 39.

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Time-wise there's a good gap between where Buffy and Angel (as titles) are so they've got plenty of time to get to Twilight, if they even want to.

Count me in with Allycat here though. I adore Illyria and if anyone's gonna get the spotlight I'd like for it to be her, but this puts IDW at...what, three running titles at that point? Not to mention all the other offshoots they've done so far?

There is such a thing as overkill.
A canon question was asked.

The Spike series leads into Buffy Season 8 and takes place about a year before and IDW worked with Joss to make that happen.
I will buy this. Make the cover art gorgeous, please. I don't think I've seen Illyria done so well since Alex Garner, though.

Huh now? When is this happening? And who's taking the reins?
No need to be cautious. I talk to Scott Tipton all the time, and he comes to the Buffyverse with everyone a fan wants. Passion, interest, skill, and a healthy amount of give-a-shit about the characters.
@Emmie- Mariah Huehner and David Tischman, the dude who wrote Barbary Coast. Starting with #39.
Yes, and Brian just confirmed what Scott Allie told us yesterday, the ship that Spike arrives in on Buffy (no pun intended) will be addressed in his Spike book.

Buffyfantic, are you in this room right now?
Nice to see Dark Horse/Joss/Scott working with IDW/Lynch to set things in motion.
No,buffyfest,I'm on the East Coast.I've just been following the Newsarama live report and yours as well.

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Oh good, I've always liked Mariah's take actually. Congrats to her for taking up the writing reins!
So it sounds like Spike's part in Twilight will be explained, but what about Angel's? Hopefully the new monthly writers have plans.
I also really like David Tischman's work on Angel:Barbary Coast.
Liked that Huehner definitively stated that this won't be a redemptive arc for Illyria. What exactly does she have to be redeemed for ? More importantly, she/it doesn't live by modern or even human morals (though she's learning modern social mores in order to get by and co-exist with the people that she's found herself living around/who've taken her in in some respect), so why would she even care about redemption ? Also, I'm sick of redemption arcs, so big yay to that. More exploration of the "other"-ness and alien nature of Illyria sounds promising.
Ok it all sounds very interesting.

One thing-if the Spike is being considered canon, is the Angel as well?Are they going to link them?I need a bit more news before I get too excited.
I've added the Newsarama link to the entry.

One thing-if the Spike is being considered canon, is the Angel as well?

Maybe I should put the canon thing in the rules :).
Do you mean not to mention it-like Fawlty towers?:-)
Nah I'll wave a wand and decide what's canon so we don't have to argue about it anymore :p. I haven't read Barbary Coast but I've heard good things about it. Have to say that the main Angel title has lasted a lot longer that I thought. Nice job IDW.
I'm happy to go along with that:-)

Barbary Coast is excellent-well worth checking out.

I'm surprised they didn't announce the Angel vs Frankenstein sequel as well.
I'm very happy that Illyria is being spotlighted. It's too bad I can't see well enough, even with glasses, to read the text in comics.
I'm up for giving Simon the canon wand. Whether or not post-#17 Angel comics are canon is a question that keeps me up at night.
This is good news for IDW. Barbary Coast was very good and much better than the main story so it was a very wise choice for them to give that writer the main title. And Willow making an appearance in the Spike series? Does this explain her line “this is going to be good” when she sees Spike coming at the end of the Twilight arc? Hm.
I dropped Angel because Willingham's letter to Joss left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm assuming it's not canon so I'm not worried about missing anything. Maybe in Buffy we'll get the missing Angel connections (i.e., post-After the Fall, pre-The Long Way Home, #1).

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