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July 24 2010

Nathan Fillion will NOT play Ant-Man. Nathan Fillion says that he doesn't have time to play Ant-Man and even if he did, Hank Pym wouldn't be his first choice.

It's a shame he doesn't have time which is totally understandable but to be fair, I never thought he would play Ant-Man. When I heard that Edward Norton was not coming back to play Bruce Banner, my thoughts instantly went to Fillion.

(Who am I kidding? When I'm spreading jam on my toast my thoughts go to Fillion :P )
Well, he only said that 90% of the info on the internet is false. Note that in neither this video nor Nathan's tweet last night does he actually use the words "I'm not playing Ant Man in the Avengers." Additionally, the same website posting this video has also recently floated the idea of Nathan starring as Superman. It could all be some elaborate PsyOps by Marvel to deflect attention from the truth!!!

But seriously, I don't care much one way or another. I just think fanboy conspiracy theories are fun!
Oh, Joss said he wouldn't be playing Ant-Man? I found the quality on the video of his ComicCon event to be quite difficult to hear (probably because of the excellent sound quality on the JJ Abrams/Joss Whedon video linked to on here yesterday.) I actually thought he said he would be.

That makes his surprise appearance a little less surprisey.
Joss did say he would be, but he was kidding, by all (well, most) accounts.
Ok, so what I'm taking from this is that Nathan will instead be playing Hank Pym as Giant-Man!

Nice try, Whedon! Didn't fool me!

Ah, okay. The link above said "It was revealed today at Joss Whedon's panel that you would not be playing Ant-Man in The Avengers," so assumed he said he wouldn't. That would make the cheer that went up from the crowd a little confusing though.
I'm guessing Ant-Man is being left to Edgar Wright, for now. Maybe in Avengers II?
Are we to interpret this as 'he was asked and had to decline'?
I think Nathan Fillion would make a good Bane if the character ever shows up in Nolan's Batman's films.
I was in the room for the Joss panel with the Ant Man comment (and actually I videotaped it, but haven't bothered posting it bc buffyfest took care of you folks)... I was sitting pretty near the speakers next to the stage. Joss made a quip about how no one else could possibly play the Ant Man, Fillion was perfect! The audience erupted in squeals of delight and applause... so not too many folks heard the end of Joss' sentence: "...but, Ant Man isn't in my movie! Oh well!" True story. ;)
I'm guessing Ant-Man is being left to Edgar Wright, for now. Maybe in Avengers II?

Yep, according to Joss Ant-man isn't in Avengers though AFAIK Edgar Wright is going back to it after he's done the press etc. for 'Scott Pilgrim' (he's been working on the film for about 4 years off and on so I don't see him just dropping it now).
Nathan Fillion could still be Ant-Man, I figure, all Joss was doing was gathering some buzz and it'd be up to Edgar, I suppose. Edgar apparently chose Michael Cera after seeing Arrested Development so him seeing Firefly and wanting Nathan isn't too far off. It's just the timing that's the issue. When your doing that many hours a week, I can't imagine wanting to do a relatively big film like this - or even have the time, as he said.

Him saying Ant-Man isn't who he'd want to be is probably more of a nail in the coffin.

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