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July 24 2010

First look at Tonner's Jayne Cobb doll. Plastic and Plush has posted photos from the Tonner Doll Company booth at this year's Comic-Con, including a look at Tonner's prototype Jayne doll in a tiny cunning hat. There's also another photo of the Mal doll (browncoat not included).

Other franchises featured in the photos include Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Twilight, and the Muppets.

I have to say, the picture of the Mal doll looks much better than the official images on Tonner's website. I know they (quietly) tweak the doll and images before release, and it looks like they did a decent job of making the doll more Mal-like.

Also, the tiny, tiny knitted hat amuses me greatly.
Looks more like a woman dressed up as Jayne Cobb; Jayne has lost a lot of weight and Kermit has put on a lot of weight....
Yes, there's certainly a lot of guyliner on that Jayne.
There's one really good likeness in that selection. It's Kermit the Frog.
Nice clothes, crap likenesses as per with this company. I think I still prefer those 12"custom figure versions made by fans.
Oh, lord.

Would someone please prevent that company from making any more dolls!? They're embarrassing not only themselves, but fans as well. Especially at the prices they're charging. Ouch!

Jayne does look like a girl dressed up like Jayne. Apparently he told Mal an off-colored joke, considering how Mal's blushing. Something furry died on top of the Doctor's head. Aragorn's nose is too wide and what is going on with his hair?? It was never that shiny & curly. About the only one that looks like the actress is Galadriel, but it's hard to see her face well, even in the enlarged version. They did pretty good w/her brooch, from what I can see (Which is damn tricky) and her crown looks decent. Arwen, on the other hand...

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