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July 24 2010

More Buffy Season 8 DVD details. The news out of Comic-Con is that the motion comic will be released on DVD on January 4th, 2011. It will "include limited edition Jo Chen packaging and a collectible reprint of Dark Horse Comic's first book in the series". There's still no word if the writers and artists are getting royalties.

So what would they have to raise the price of the DVD to pay 32 cents or something?
If they're not getting royalties, I am not spending money on it.
How is the motion comic going to work? Is it going to cover every issue for Season 8?
Color me unimpressed.

It's next to maroon in the crayon box.
Sounds like a nice package and something I'd like to own. However, no royalties = no buy
If no news that they're paying royalties comes out, we should probably try to rally Whedonesque together to send a petition off to the makers of the motion comic.
It would be great if they could get Joss to do an audio commentary for this.
I agree. It would be awesome if Joss did a commentary, but somehow I doubt it will happen.

And do these details apply to the blu-Ray/DVD combo-pack available for preorder on Amazon? Just wondering as nothing about a blu-Ray was mentioned. I assume it would be the same, though...

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How is the motion comic going to work? Is it going to cover every issue for Season 8?

The motion comic series will likely cover every issue. However, this dvd will only collect 1-19 because those are the first episodes to be produced. There will probably be a second dvd later in 2011 to finish the series.

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