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July 24 2010

(SPOILER) Dexter Season 5 trailer from Comic-Con. Mild spoilers. Includes our favourite vampire mother.

So I wonder how many episodes Rita will appear in? Just the open casket funeral?
I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up often in a way similar to Harry, or flashbacks or something.
Julie has a series now and has said on Twitter that she wouldn't do flash-backs or anything like that as she felt it would cheapen Rita's death ... also they hadn't asked her to do anything. Also, the producers said that Harry was going to be the only one in Dexter's head.

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Uh huh, seems she's only in the season premiere and not as a "ghost". I wouldn't have minded seeing her in that role but I also totally agree with her and the creators that it'd take something away from the season 4 finale, give us closure and reassurance when the final scene was all about the opposite.
Michael C. Hall's previous series was sometimes all over the "how dead family members and friends would react/what they would say in this situation" (and it worked to great effect), so I'm kinda glad Dexter isn't planned to go overboard and copycat in that respect. Harry's enough.

Will not watch trailer. Saw a print ad recently. It was tantalizing enough. It was just Dexter If the mood I got from the photo is a hint of what Season 5 might feel like...very optimistic.
I am SO excited about new Dexter.
I think it was a stupid move to kill off Rita, but I'll be following Julie to No Ordinary Family. I'm just happy she's not unemployed by this decision.

I hope this is the final season simply because it has the potential to be better than ever when the truth about Dexter starts to unravel and he's ultimately busted. I hope Astor is the one to figure it all out. That would be compelling.

Note: I have no idea if this will happen but I want it to. If the series ends without Dexter getting caught, they will have missed a major dramatic beat.
Yep, seems to be the consensus across a lot of Dexter boards--that Season 5 should be it. We were discussing that over on .org back in December, just after Season 4 ended. Hoping it goes out at the top of its game.
I also have ulterior motives, Kris. I don't want it to have a completely Rita-free season..I want Julie to be able to say she was in every season of Dex.

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