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July 24 2010

Nathan Fillion G4 interview on Castle at Comic-Con 2010. Always love it when he says "I'll never say never." about Firefly/Serenity. Also, the "Heat Wave" movie trailer form Comic-Con.

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Did she really call him Jason at the end of that interview?! Oh my... Me don't likey her. He was great as usual, cool and calm, professional, and well spoken. Thank you Nathan Fillian.
@silver81 - A bit harsh, isn't it? She mistakenly calls him Jason and that makes her a bad person, or someone to be disliked? Are you aware that you misspelled Nathan's last name? Should I throw you to the wolves? My point is, relax. These things happen, for all sorts of reasons.
She called him Jason.... and I thought she was smart. Guess she is G4's eye candy. Naw, just kidding, she probably interviews dozens of people a day.

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oopsie, my chagrin face is on. Should have checked that, we are all just frail humans , except for the celebs, they are special!
@silver81 - "Chagrin Face". That's a new one. I like it. :)
@DeadlyDevil - You, too? Seriously? What's going on here? You know, every time Charisma Carpenter talks about "What's My Line?", she refers to it as "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and not once do I consider her stupid for it, nor do I label her as simple "eye candy".*

I don't agree with Nathan's hopeful optimism about Firefly/Serenity, but I certainly admire it.

*Apologies for the run-on sentence.
Anybody else think Nathan did a great job picking out that t-shirt?
What do you guys mean? Isn't that Jason Bateman she's talking to? ;)
Here's one with Julie Benz too.
To be fair, this is the same Olivia Munn who cohosted a Star Wars panel last year, and clearly didn't have the slightest clue about that franchise. She deserves a good geeky punch in the arm every once in a while.
Wow! Nice boots! (and Julie Benz had on a great pair of shoes!)
As much as that interview was somewhat... odd (though great because of NF) I would have loved to have it on my TV. We get E! Entertainment over here in the UK, and from what I know, E! and G4 are owned by the same people - SO WHERE'S MY G4, SKY DIGITAL?!
She also referred to him as "the Captain of THE Serenity".

I appreciate that many are really hot on Olivia Munn, especially now that she's on The Daily Show, but I don't get what's such a big deal about her. Both of the stories she's done on TDS fell flat, but I'd never seen her in her element and expected that she'd be a little better in this. Having now watched it, I still don't get what the big deal is.

But I'm with Sid - those boots were really sweet. I may watch the interview again just to drool over them.

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I have never liked Olivia. I guess, as a girl, the hotness quotient doesn't phase me. She's just ridiculous eye candy. My opinion, of course. Is she really on The Daily Show now? Meh.

Loved Nathan, though!

I am currently searching for a Castle Comic Con Youtube and having a tough time finding it.
I did find this video of Nathan reading from the Rick Castle book. And it is, of course, hilarious.
@VeryVeryCrowded - I believe will have all kinds of stuff for fans to watch/read tomorrow (later today, technically).
OMG, VeryVeryCrowded: that is an awesome clip! I seriously want to buy the audio book read by Nathan Fillion! (I already read the book book... which I really enjoyed).

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