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July 24 2010

Firefly cast as arigumi dolls. You'll recognize this crew right away.

I was trying to find some great 12" custom dolls that were mentioned on whedonesque recently, and came across this. The article's old (2008), but a quick search here found no references yet, so here it is.

They're so cute! My only complaint is that I didn't recognise Jayne at first. Now, if only I could justify the money for them...
Btw, I was originally looking for the custom dolls mentioned on this post, and found the sculptor's site. The gallery is totally AWESOME (and I don't use caps lightly).
Awwww! They're adorable!
Wow, you're not wrong quacky. There are some awesome sculpts of our BDH's on that site. Although it is slightly disturbing to see their heads on sticks. But the Jayne one especially, is amazing. One or two of those angles even look like they're actual pictures of Adam Baldwin. Scary stuff :).

The arigumi dolls on the other hand, are cuteness personified.
cardea, the website of the person who made these is Geek Central Station, where you can see more images of all the dolls, including Jayne in his miniature Cunning Hat. It makes him much easier to recognize.

I came across these a while ago and still can't get over how cute they are.
Had I the money, I would be every single one. I love arigumi dolls, but I'm still looking for some really special ones and a Firefly cast would certainly be them.
Omg, these are so totally adorably awesome! :D
The site mentioned by iluvmusicals also includes some Dr. Horrible cross-stitch and a crocheted figure and a bunch of firefly stuff, including a lot of cross-stitch and a knitting pattern for Serenity (to open that file using Google docs go here).

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