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July 26 2010

Happy Birthday, Olivia Williams! Raise a toast, she turns 42 today!

Would it be entirely too cheesy (and obscure) to say that Olivia Williams is now the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Olivia!

Just saw the trailer for The Ghost Writer and can't wait to see you in it. You’re a marvellous actress and I hope you have a superb day!
Hip hip hoorah! Sincerely. Awesome person.
Olivia Williams, how I love thee. But in a fannish adoration way, not a creepy stalker way. Seriously.
I'm doing a lot of toast raising these days.

Happy Birthday Olivia!
Happy birthday Olivia! Thanks muchly for making Adelle one of my favourite characters ever.
Happy Birthday, Olivia Williams!*

*In Tagalog, her name means "God's gift to dialogue."
*In Tagalog, her name means "God's gift to dialogue."

This made me LOL. Olivia Williams = "Ipinagkaloob ni Diyos (Joss) sa dyalogo"
One of my absolute favorite Whedon actors. Too many more years!
I love that I share a birthday with her.
Go celebrate!

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