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July 26 2010

Warren Ellis' FAQ on Wastelanders. With the typical Ellis humour, he provides some more info on Wastelanders that he's working on with Joss. As previously known, it's on hold until The Avengers is done. However, there's now more info that it's going to be a five-part sci-fi internet series, with no singing or musical numbers.

Also an interesting view from Ellis about Joss debating whether or not he should do Avengers for Marvel.

More good stuff to look forward too. Be interesting to see how much internet television will change by 2013.
Okay, so I didn't think the awesomeness of the Avengers finally beginning to be Assembled would be topped so quick, but quite frankly this has me more pumped than anything I've heard in the last week. I hope it comes to fruition.
Is it weird that I'm more excited about this than The Avengers? Something original, rather than a new take on something that other people created? Awesome!
"...a funny horrible story about the end of the world." I'll be interested to see what they come up with for the sequel.

I'm impressed that Joss actually debated about the Avengers gig. Your near favorite comic book, major scope, guaranteed marketing, and (I'm assuming he was asked at the time.) getting your fingers on the script from the outline onwards=dream job. ...Or one of them anyways. I figure Joss is a man of many dreams, for which I give thanks on a semi-regular basis.
Arrggh! Now I have to add this to my list of Joss projects that I must see now! I just hope it doesn't end up in the pile with Goners and Ripper cause that pile is getting full.
That sounds extremely cool. I'm pretty excited about the Avengers film too but this is something to look forward to once the dust has settled and Joss is King of the World (only actually King of the World rather than in some self-declared, hogging-the-front-of-the-boat, should've-saved-some-of-that-energy-for-holding-onto-icy-flotsam manner).

(Is that Avengers advice verbatim do you think BTW ? I always imagine any Warren Ellis advice coming with a lot more swearing ;) is my prediction. As soon as Avengers has wrapped, Marvel will want Joss to start on a sequel, delaying this. But dude....a web series would so rock.
I imagine Joss debated working on the Avengers because of the experiences he's had working with Wonder Woman and studios in generally getting involved in his work. Any movie with such a big budget often results in the studio getting heavily involved in the movie making process, with lots of notes from executives. Hopefully they won't muck up too much what Joss wants to do with the Avengers. So yeah, it's a great gig, but there's also some possible downsides to it compared to working on smaller movies. After all, Joss did also turned down working on X-men 3.
What eddy said.
That does sound cool.
Saje with the Titanic/Cameron jab.

Watch someone spin this as "Whedon said 'yes' to Avengers on advice of Warren Ellis/because Warren Ellis told him to!".

Does Ellis not like musicals, or is that just some good-natured ribbing ?

Definitely up for some more sci-fi from Joss and Ellis delivers big in that arena. If they have trouble making this mini-series happen for the internet, hopefully they'll shop it to premium cable. Would like to see Ellis and Joss get their feet in the door with HBO, Showtime, Starz, FX, AMC, etc.

Matt, right about studio interference. I know "network notes" (or whatever the version of those is called for the big screen film making process) are pretty much guaranteed, but look what happened with Spider-Man 3 when Sony interfered. Even though Sam Raimi had made them boatloads of profits (okay, the brand kinda does that all by itself, but he did increase profits by turning in two very good first films--second better than the first, IMO, but profit-wise they both rocked), they insisted he include two villains in the film (specifically Venom on top of Sandman) even though that's not what he wanted for the story. The film garnered the most negative criticism of the three, but it also made the most, so whichever execs were involved in the decision to force a plot intervention on Raimi probably came away from it thinking they were right, 'cause they're more concerned with profits than story integrity (they'd probably love to have both, but $ outweighs quality and they're probably not looking to get ambitious about superhero story prestige anyway). I hope Marvel treats Joss a lot better, trusts him more with his take, but it'll be no surprise if we hear about studio-directed changes (if they're good about the PR they'll keep it under wraps until after release).

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(if they're good about the PR they'll keep it under wraps until after release).

Well, we can at least be assured that they won't give out a press release.
A few notes. WASTELANDERS is not, as some people who canít read have commented, the same as Antony Johnstonís WASTELAND.

Well... what can I say? - it was a total shot in the dark.
However much I wanted to see this, this gives Ellis time for more Nextwave. MORE NEXTWAVE, ELLIS!
I really, really want this to happen. Why can't Joss be more -- DO more -- than one man? Because I love tentpole movies, but the amount of time, effort and money they take to accomplish is ridiculous. In two years time, we'll have The Avengers and I kinda can't wait.

No Dr. Horrible sequel and delayed awesome project with Warren Ellis. Sigh. At least Joss will be able to print his own money after The Avengers, and maybe even set up his own tiny internet network. OK, I'm just dreaming the last part.
I'm with you dottikin. I'm terribly excited about Avengers as a movie (I grew up on Avengers comics) and am looking forward to all the mainstream respect and attention it'll hopefully garner for Joss, but sometimes I'd like there to be more than one Joss as well.

Because I'd also really really like to see that Dr. Horrible sequel and am now insanely excited about this project that will only happen somewhere in 2012/2013 (if it doesn't die in the place where good ideas go to die before then). And then there's Buffy S9, which I currently have a hard time imagining happening anytime soon (as well as the fear that the finale to S8 will be a rush job, partly filled in by Scott Allie to relieve the burden, in between writing for Captain America and The Avengers).

So yeah, there's certainly another side to the coin as well (in a 'I'm greedy and want my entertainment now' sense; for Joss I'm really only happy and nothing else :)).
TV has spoiled us terribly -- in two years, Joss could have turned out 2 seasons (44 hour-long episodes) of a show. It's immediate gratification compared to big giant Hollywood superhero movies.

on the other hand, I really want Joss to be able to print his own money, or write his own ticket, and The Avengers done brilliantly will give him that.
Now I want to see a post-apocalyptic musical with a big production number entitled "Meat!" is my prediction. As soon as Avengers has wrapped, Marvel will want Joss to start on a sequel, delaying this.
Harmalicious | July 26, 17:35 CET

I hope that doesn't happen. I want this to be the biggest blockbuster ever, so Joss will have the freedom to do whatever he wants.
And I hope that what he wants, after The Avengers, will be to get back to creating his own original material, for whatever medium.

EF: typo

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I want to see that too, Pointy - and there's at least a small part of me that wants us to write it. The rest of the parts of me are tired because it's so late (or early) and I can't even summon the whatsits to begin. I think the show itself should be called "Meat and Music", but I can't be sure...

I truly want Jossir to be able to print his own money - and I'd like it even better if he'd also design it and then pass it out to everyone here after he's printed it. I mean, how cool would Joss-bucks be? They're good anywhere, but especially at Joss Park. (Among its other attractions, there's a ride called "Meat" which is very scary and filled with meat and terrifying musical numbers. And maybe some math. O.O)

That's why I'm excited about The Avengers - because don't kill me or nothing, but the film itself doesn't interest me all that much. I'll get into it as we go along, I'm sure, because it's Joss so it'll be Boss - but mainly I give a crap because he'll give a crap, and that plus his talent makes for good storytelling, no matter what the subject.

But Wastelanders? That's the most interested I've been in a long time. The combination of Science and Nasty Stuff in a fusion of Brit and American Ellis-and-Whedon styles is wonderful to contemplate.
I dunno, don't you think the apocalypse thing is getting a little old? I mean, how many apocalypses is it for us, now? (sic) (We really do need something definitive on its plural form. The Wiktionary seems to think it is "apocalypses" for no documented reason and the OED is silent on this one...maybe the editors don't find it relevant?) I guess you have to go with your story though, no matter what. I read a supposition once that claimed that all story tellers really only had one particular story to tell, and they told it over and over again, in an attempt to get it right--or exorcise it.

I imagine however, that we haven't seen the definitive apocalypse yet, as the calligraphy has not flowed nor the curtain fallen. But I'm sure the dish of the day would be more than glad to preform a snazzy number about meat--although that would technically be pre-apocalyptic. (Does Joss even do post-apocalyptic? Well, other than in a life goes on, sort of way...)

Really though, the Apocalypse seems to be a strange preoccupation for an avowed Atheist as it is in its origin, a "divinely" inspired prophetic revelation. And have you noticed that they are always horrible in conception? I suppose contemplating the absolute end of one's entity does feel horrible and scary and inspires/translates into the appropriate metaphors. It's interesting though, how often "The End of The World" resembles Hell on earth. It's hard to get away from those time tested religiously inspired images and story lines, isn't it?
Well, they're good images (as well as, as you say BreathesStory , being deep in the psyche of anyone raised in the west, whatever our religious beliefs). Apocalypse is a short-hand that connotes a lot of imagery within our culture but I think in the sci-fi context "The End of the World" has often fit the bogeyman of the day (recently the world has ended in ice more often than fire for instance, in the 90s the world died by blunt-force trauma i.e. asteroid impact, in the 70s/80s it was scarcity of resources tied to the "enemy within" i.e. the darker side of human nature - in film I think the "blasted wasteland" post-catastrophe imagery can be tracked back to just a few films like e.g. "Mad Max" or "A Boy and his Dog" among others). Also I reckon things that're now considered religious images are actually just images that some religions have incorporated into their mythologies (same as "religious questions" that 2,500 years ago were simply metaphysical/philosophical questions but have now been brought under the umbrella of religion - or Judeo-Christian religion anyway).

That's why I'm excited about The Avengers - because don't kill me or nothing, but the film itself doesn't interest me all that much.

Angry mob, with me, don't kill QuoterGal, in unison ! And let that not-actually-anything be a lesson to you.
@QuoterGal: Agreed, seconded, concurred.

Two of the best contemporary writers in their respective mediums, not to mention two of my favourite writers of all time? I nearly wet myself with glee. Nearly.

...and then I nearly did it all again with disappointment when I realised I'd have to wait a fortyear to see it.

But think.... the hard sci-fi, the deep character play, the ranting awesome and the witty banter. Can our minds even contain all this?
So, you don't want us to kill her in unison? Since I am in fact using her wi-fi at the moment, I'm down with that...
But later is ok, as long as we do it separately?
Exactly, only by uniting and acting as one can we effectively not kill people when they ask us to.

But later is ok, as long as we do it separately?

Well, we're quite a loosely affiliated angry mob so if you want to walk to the beat of your own drum who are we to question it ?

(has to be said though, every single time i've killed someone they've then changed their wi-fi password which has led to all sorts of minor inconvenience. Up to you though Lioness)
I'm not dead yet./Mary Queen of Scots

But I *am* changing my wi-fi password. I simply will not stand for being killed at some ill-defined point in the future, either singly or by an angry mob united in action however loosely affiliated, and then suffer the indignity of seeing one or all of them continuing or beginning to use my wi-fi all la-la-la as if nothing happened.

The new password will be but please don't tell my assassins, either separately or in unison.
Wise move QG. I mean, what if you were hit by a bus (possibly driven by a loosely affiliated angry mob for instance*) and hadn't changed your password to reflect the Awesome Horror of Meat in some way ? That's worse than not wearing clean underwear by far, no sane person would disagree.

* they may well not even have intended to hit you, it's just that of all the things you really shouldn't do by committee, driving is right up there
This is the best tangent in weeks!
You know how we roll zeitgeist, on here tangents are normal. Ahem ;).

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