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July 26 2010

Serenity Knitting Pattern. A knitting pattern for the ship.

I've had difficulties opening the link using Adobe and Ghostreader pdf viewers, but Google docs can open it without a problem. To do this, search Google for the site, then click on "Quick View." Alternately this hideous url might go there directly.

I was able to open and save it without a problem. If anyone can't get it, I can email you the .pdf file.

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Works fine for me - no need to sign your posts, TigerAngel.
So cool, I've always wanted a version of Serenity that I could curl up with in bed.... My own Serenity pillow.
Heeeeeeeeeee. This is definitely going into my to-knit pile. Now, to decide whether to knit this or a TARDIS first. Probably this, because finding just the right TARDIS blue has proven difficult.
That's it, I'm doing it asap. Just as soon as I finish this gorgeous scarf. Nearly done with that.

Nanceoir, I'd love to know if you could share a TARDIS knitting pattern, if you have one. <3
Free Tardis (and other Doctor Who) pattern here.
Thank you so much!
Forwarded to my sister-in-law, who is one awesome knitter. If I could just convince her to do me a Jayne hat...
Haven't knit anything in forever. Time to dig out my needles!
Very neat! And nicely presented in the pdf too.

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