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July 26 2010

Richard Castle discovers a dead body! In this video, "Castle" promotes his new book and stumbles across a murder at the beach in The Hamptons. Contains a nice, meta shout-out at the end. :)

"I'm gonna Twitpic this..."

How sick - in a totally appropriate Richard Castle/Nathan Fillion way!
I honestly was waiting for him to say 'Hello, ladies' and he was on a horse backwards ala Old Spice guy. Before seeing the body.
He did a whole murder mystery between seasons last year (ironically with a body part in the Hamptons sand) via Twitter. Was an awesome thing to follow along with. Very creative.
By the way - the whole Castle panel - during which this debuted - is now up.

ETA: Also, I love Jon Huertas.

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Castle has a pretty wonderful ensemble cast--one of the reasons besides Nathan's amazingness that I've continued to stick with it. I usually hate murder-of-the-week shows but Castle is character driven and involves a lot of humor which I love.
That was so bad, i almost ffwd to the end, Glad i didnt though. Nathans a funny man
A shout-out to himself lol. Genius.

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