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July 26 2010

(SPOILER) John Slattery & Kevin Pollak praise Vincent Kartheiser. An hour and eighteen minutes into Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, the two discuss Vincent's chameleon work on Mad Men and his true nature as a sweet, silly, lovable person.

Not in the section mentioned here, but the podcast in general contains some spoilers for Mad Men, obviously.

I'm avoiding this because of the spoiler tag (and the length) but I love knowing that Vincent is getting his share of praise for his role on this great show.
He is a really fine actor and the season premier of Mad Men didn't disappoint.
@Shey - After watching the entire video, I realize now that there are no actual Mad Men spoilers in the discussion, except for a reveal that happens at the end of the Pilot episode. I believe you can listen to the show in a basic audio format as well, like on iTunes. :)

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