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July 27 2010

(SPOILER) Caprica season 1.5 trailer & Comic-Con panel video. The extended trailer for the second half of the season (hit preview and open in IE if it doesn't play) and the video of the panel at Comic-Con, both with James Marsters. The trailer is also on YouTube. And the panel videos are on


Really looks like it's taking off.

I love this show.

I hope it gets a second season.
Wow. I hate that we have to wait till January for this. Damn you, Syfy.
It already did get a second season, and the trailer looks good.
I read some light spoilers recently that I won't repeat here, but if you've just watched the preview, it's not spoiling to say that the show's creators are claiming more action for 1.5.

Woo hoooo! I can't wait. While it was a very different show than BSG, I enjoyed Caprica more than I expected to. Very much looking forward to 1.5 and 2.0!
Looks fabulous - I'm stoked!
I'm still somewhat doubting its renewal, but I can't wait for more. I feel bad for SyFy letting these actors hang around for so long without it being official. But yeah, looks exciting and according to that YouTube commenter there a Firefly class ship "taking off near Atlas Arena as it crashes down". I assume that's the building falling at the end? I can't see it.
The trailer was damn nice. So many spoilers, though -- but I couldn't look away. :D
I'm looking forward to this. There's definitely a need for some really quality SciFi on TV right now.

I'm looking back at that one season of BSG, T:TSCC and Dollhouse on the same night as a mini "golden age". We may never see a SciFi night that good again, but right now, there's pretty much nothing genre worth looking forward to.
Apparently the source is airlock alpha.

Also this, James Marsters video on the Caprica panel at Comic-con, mentions his character will be coming back. This may have been posted somewhere else but it's fun and has a shout out to Joss.

Sorry I don't know how to do clickable links.

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I've seen that, but until I see a press release, I'm not holding my breath. It's like the time before Dollhouse's renewal when certain [important] people were saying it was looking positive and everyone else was going crazy at the impending cancellation.
While it doesn't come close to BSG, I'm really enjoying Caprica, too. It also seems that the second part of the season is attempting to fix some of the initial problems. The trailer is certainly... bombastic.
Loads of juicy spoilers in that but I couldn't resist checking it out!!
I wasn't quite sure whether or not I would like "Caprica", but by the third episode, I was hooked. Really like how the character of Zoe was portray as both a human and a machine. Quite an interesting view I thought.

Very pleased we'll get the second half of season one and, appearently, Ron Moore believes a second season is possible. Which makes me very happy 'cause this upcoming television season looks a little bleak.
Great trailer. Can't wait for the second half.

@Jaymii: I think he meant the ship on the bottom left corner around 2:00. But it doesn't look like firefly-class to me.
Yeah! More James:)
1.5 looks like it's going to be awesome! I thought Caprica was coming back in February, so one less month to wait is good news!
Holy frak. Caprica kind of lost me towards the end because I didn't feel like the storylines were earned but I can't helped but be stoked about 1.5. I am in need of some strong female characters who can kick some ass and it looks like Caprica is delivering.
X2, luv4whedon. Polly Walker especially, is awesome.

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