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December 03 2003

Win a Joss Whedon Prize Pack from Zap2It First Prize is a Firefly DVD set, a Buffy Season Five DVD set and a Buffy comic book. Second prize is a Buffy comic book.

Only if you're American. *sigh* And of course there's an ad saying "Single in Quebec?" at the top when I visit. Stop mocking me! lol
Thats what you get for being canadian! I mock your Canadianess! please don't hurt me.

yes I know I spelled those wrong

[ edited by 400lb_Gorilla on 2003-12-03 01:57 ]
This doesn't do us hardcore fans much good though. They know we'll buy them both on the 9th, so what we do with them if we won? I suppose they'd make great gifts.
my fave canadians are colin mocharie(sp?), mike meyers and alanis morrissette...umm can't think of anymore canadianess (holler at 400lb_gorilla)?

anyone remember those "i am canadian" ads, a couple of years ago, with beavers and "we're north americans too?"
i don't know what i'm talking about
So I actually spelled it right? Damn Canadians, trying to confuse us with all their weird spellings. I'm Joking, I really do love Canada, sometimes, and don't worry rsfayez, most of the time I don't know what i'm talking about either. Good Point Mindpieces.
I guess being a truly hardcore fan means having money. So if I won I would be like "yay now I don't have to buy them." BUT I CAN'T WIN! Hey! If you win MindPieces you can send them to me! :)

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