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July 27 2010

The Guild's new music video: "Game On". Zaboo convinces Codex to resume game play via Bollywood-style song and dance.


What this is I don't even... O_o
Saw this at The Guild panel at Comic-Con. It is amazing.
That was awesome! The Vork part reminded me of that Girly Man video, also known as the indian Thriller.
The song's not as catchy as Do You Want to Date My Avatar, but the video is fantastic! The Baldezz overlay at the end made me cackle with glee.
Wow... I want an elephant!
Best keyboard ever.
Awesome video!!! Real cetchy!
More awesome than words can describe.
Wow. Did I mention that? Wow.

They've got the lyrics on The Guild website (so you can see what Vork is actually saying).

Tried downloading it from Xbox Live in the UK, but the latest Guild episode is still the last one from season three. Anyone know what's going on there? Do you need a Gold account to get the new episodes or something?
Wow, that was amazing. I think I like it more than Date My Avatar.
Who directed the video ?
Wow, my mind just went kablooey.
This is such an amazing production. Not quite as catchy, maybe, but so impressive what they were able to do. This was just...perfect.
This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen since Smile Time.
@Michael, it was directed by the talented folks Kim Evey and Sean Becker.
I love this! I might love 'Date My Avatar' more, but really they are both so different, and both so much fun, that there is no reason to compare them... I'll just love them both!
I REALLY needed that.
Bollywood + The Guild = Awesomeness. I also have the feeling that Felicia Day was a pop star in another life.
+1 KingofCretins

Ok, that's really great! Felicia & crew never disappoint. So much goodness in there.
Though while "Date My Avatar' worked as both a song and a video, but 'Game On' is definitely a video.
(Not on iTunes :( yet. Can't wait for my very own copy).
Not into gaming, but I LOVE Bollywood.
NotAViking: they just tweeted that it may be under Season 0 with the other bonus videos. Can't check myself.

That was completely amazing. I don't have a lot of experience with Bollywood, but apparently enough has leaked through. I still like the "Avatar" song better but I think this video tops the other.
The best way to convince someone to play a game.
Eh...I thought that Vork was the best part. It's kind of hard to fill the shoes of "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?"
Rachelkackel, it's under Season 0 on Zune, but on Xbox Live, you can just sort the videos by release date. I've got 47 videos under The Guild - all of the first three seasons plus the extras, but nothing after that. Perhaps someone else in the UK or the rest of Europe can have a look.

It doesn't bother me much personally. I can just watch it on my PC and I'll be buying it in some form later anyway, but maybe it's an issue that could be sorted.

Back to the video itself. I love that they've managed to recapture something that made Date My Avatar and Dr Horrible so great - it's re-watchability. There's so much packed into the video, that you can appreciated it more and more.

Also pretty blown away by the fact that it's Felicia's voice the whole way through. I assumed that the really Bollywood-style bits were recorded by someone else, but on twitter she confirmed that it's her voice. She's also written a post about the video - "That elephant has a MAN INSIDE IT!".
I think my favorite part is Vork looking cool taking off his jacket... Vork looking cool taking off his shades... Vork looking cool putting his jacket back on again moments later...

Date my Avatar is definitely more catchy, but this was just spectacularly spectacular.
All hail the rightful queen of the interwebs.
Having to watch all those Bollywood movies in my world music classes has made this so much more epic! Shiva-Vork was amazing, as was Bladezz at the end. And Felicia's Bollywood voice!!! OMG!! There's so much greatness in this video.
That was just beyond awesome! I'm gonna be singing this for weeks... :-S
All the praise is pointed at Felicia so far in this thread, but gotta give huge props to Sandeep ("Zaboo") for this as well, he did a great job. Last time he only got to rap and look goofy/cute. Guy still maintains he's more of a producer/director (and writer?) type, but I hope he doesn't stop acting/performing any time soon.

Also: everyone sang well in their bits. "Clara" only had a line or two (and was maybe part of the background vocals), but it was a good line. Vincent/"Bladezz" was funny.

As others mentioned, was real impressed with Felicia's Indian singing style.

This was epic. Shit like this reminds me why I love the internet (okay that's a lie--I'm reminded every day when I'm able to look up damn near anything and am constantly reminded that I have an online instruction manual for countless activities at my fingertips--but this is still extremely cool as far as web-entertainment goes).

Are there more Season 4 episodes up since the first one ? I forget about this series sometimes unless it's mentioned on here.
There have been two episodes of season 4 released. They come out every Tuesday, it just won't get posted here every week because it's not a Joss show.

And yes, Sandeep is awesome as well.
Well, the song is now thoroughly stuck in my head (I found myself humming it after work today, despite the fact that I'd actually been listening to Queen on the way home). And yes, Kris, Sandeep deserves major credit for his part in this. Fantastic.

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