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July 27 2010

Reports from the Girls Gone Genre panel at Comic-Con. Felicia Day and Marti Noxon were on the panel. Whedonopolis has a report as does the San Diego Comic Books Examiner. There is a video of the first 12 minutes of the panel but you will need to crank up the volume to hear what's being said.

Noxon has turned her back to anything genre related for over seven years now... Bit weird to include her on this. She'd be more at home at the Girls Gone Off Genre panel.
She wrote the upcoming Fright Night movie remake. Vampires are still genre, right?
She's writing the Fright Night remake and the I Am Four movie.
I feel weird that I just ninja'd a mod. Please don't ban me. :)
And, looking back, Marti worked on Point Pleasant in 2005, so seven years is a bit of stretch. Anyways, Mad Men is well worth temporarily giving up "genre" for, IMHO.
Is 'turned her back' the right phase? I mean, sure, she's worked on a number of other dramas but with that phrasing its like she hated that she was dealing with anything supernatural. I dunno, I just never saw the reasoning behind sci-fi people being in sci-fi things - always.

I'd take a medieval Joss show any day. ;p
I wish the tape was better, I can't hear a word. But it looks like it was an awesome panel.
Mad Men isn't genre? It's like an alien world. (Albeit, the world of my youth...)
"I dunno, I just never saw the reasoning behind sci-fi people being in sci-fi things - always.


It (obviously!) doesn't apply to screen or TV writers and producers, but fiction writers get pigeonholed; Robert E. Howard's Westerns and even his boxing stories were packaged as fantasy. (That's why I have at least 4 separate pen-names for the different kinds of things I don't write.)
It was a really interesting and entertaining panel. And Marti signed stuff for at least twenty minutes afterward. She was so nice and pleasant about it too!
Speaking of Mad Men, I caught up last night and then watched Season 4's premier. Love this series so hard.

The difference in setting/tone that was felt in Season 4 was kinda like the difference between Angel Season 5 at W&H and Seasons 2 to 4 in the Hyperion.

I'd feel sorry for Melissa Rosenberg (if not for the fact that she's probably gotten rich and gained major biz cred for doing such high profile projects) for all the crap she takes from nutty Twilight fans for her adaptations of the books-into-films (even though the directors and studio notes play a significant and potentially larger role in how those films turn out), but then she turned in some amazing work on Dexter, so the good with the bad, right ?

I finally saw both Twilight and New Moon a few nights ago (The Movie Network was premiering New Moon and re-aired Twilight before it, so I got it over with all in one dose), just to finally know, y'know ? (will never give the books my time, so this is as close as I'll get and as eager/curious enough as I'd gotten) To Rosenberg's credit, the scenes with the Valtori(sp?) in Italy toward the end of the second film were a lot of fun to watch, probably the most intriguing the films got (I think I just like vampire politics and any believably suspenseful scene where vamps are portrayed as so powerful that humans really can't mess with them, 'cause I enjoy this sorta thing in True Blood as well--not to say that True Blood is anywhere near Twilight, it's light years beyond Twilight in terms of entertainment value, fairly intelligent writing, and quality exploration of real-feeling characters and themes). They weren't as horrible as I'd been lead to believe by all the bashing, but there also isn't much to recommend them. They're exceedingly average. And Edward is a douche (especially in the first film with how evasive and patronizing he is. And the goodie vamps kinda make no sense in how boring and teenage-acting they still are after long lives, unless that's a side-effect of remaining in teenage roleplay for so long or not physically aging beyond 17 and such). The stuff about Edward and his foster father Carlisle being worried about their hypothetical souls and the hypothetical soul of Bella in New Moon was poorly explored, given how much importance it was supposed to have, and kinda jarring after not being given mention in the first film.

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Oh Mad Men, what a phenomenal show. AMC is the best network around right now. Looks like Christina is going to have a fair bit to do this year as well.

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