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July 27 2010

EW's take on casting The Avengers. EW's got a photo gallery and poll for opinions on whether the actors cast for The Avengers are right for the part.

Heh. I like that the last question is the biggest landslide. =)
Yes. I also like that Nathan Fillion is one of the "Should've been" options for Hawkeye :) (Though the Evans-Renner switch idea is also interesting.)
The Evans/Renner switch blew my mind. You think it's too late to halt production on Cap and make this happen?
Yes. It would cost too much time and money at this point, both of which cannot be spared. Plus, as mentioned in a previous article, Nathan Fillion is simply too busy right now.
I'll give them the teamwork part, but describing Serenity's crew as super-powered crime fighters is just a little off.
So, this is going to be great. No doubt. But... The cast... Just isn't right. I mean Downey, yeah, definitely. But we need Ed Norton as Hulk, someone who's not Chris Evans as Capt. America. Because Capt. America is not the Human Torch. It's not right to be able to play more than one superhero. And when Sam Jackson showed up in the end of Incredible Hulk, I really thought that was the sign that Ed Norton was on board for Avengers. This whole "he wasn't into it" thing? Not cool. I'm big on continuity, and this is really bugging me.
I am fully on board on with the Renner/Evans switch. Yum :)
Agreed, danisonthewhedonite. Evans as Captain America is ridiculous given his past, and I also dislike that they got anyone else besides Norton considering how they've been supposedly trying to tie these movies together. The rest of the cast is solid, though... just wish they had another female or two in there.
danisonthewhedonite, does Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Green Lantern bug you then? I actually think Marvel has assembled quite a crew, not because I'm particularly in love with any of their actors (well, RDJ maybe) but because I trust them. This might be an Ozymandias deal; however I can't see it.
All I saw was one picture with no links except to totally different articles and ads.

Is there only one woman? Because the Avengers broke that mold decades ago.

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair."
Great list. lt's a pity that the characters Scarlet witch and the Vision were not mentioned. Anyway, as long as Joss directs it, l have no complaints.
Colbie Smulders as Emma Peel! Oh, wait. Though, wouldn't it be delightfully confusing were Joss to follow up The Avengers with a reboot of The Avengers?
Ryan Reynolds was also Hannibal in Blade Trinity and was supposed to play The Flash in a David Goyer film.
I'm seeing reports online of Eva Longoria being cast as the Wasp, but they also have Nathan as Ant Man, so I imagine they're not particularly accurate.
Eva Langoria has already debunked the wasp rumors.

I imagine she's in the same situation as Fillion in that it conflicts with her TV schedule.
While I would have loved to see Ed Norton play Banner again, I think it's odd how people don't think that it will work with a different actor. Do people not remember that Don Cheadle replaced Terrance Howard and it worked just fine?

Think of it like a comic book series hanging artists. It looks different, but it's still the same characters.

And I must say, after seeing a prescreening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World tonight, and seeing the vastly different character Chris Evans played in that compared to the Human Torch, I have a renewed faith in his ability to play Captain America.
I disliked that they changed out Cheadle for Howard and I also hated that they changed Maggie Gyllenhaal for Katie Holmes between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I'm not really a fan of the originals so much (although I did much prefer Howard over Cheadle), but continuity means a lot to me.
While I do lean towards continuity too, at least in the Batman instance I feel they upgraded. (Also in that case, I'm given to understand it was more of the actress' choice versus the studio booting someone intentionally for any reason.)

I was a little bummed out when they went with the Ed Norton Hulk instead of Bana in the first place and I really wonder how things would work out if any of those supporting characters show up. Would they mix and match actors from the Ang Lee and Norton casts or have to replace them all a third time?

As for some of the other issues, I mostly just find Chris Evans ridiculously attractive but that aside I've found him pretty charismatic across a range of roles. While he wouldn't have been my first impression for Steve Rogers (why is he constantly hired to play blonde characters anyway?) even as a complete prick like in Scott Pilgrim (comedic) or Sunshine (not so much) he's pretty watchable.

Also as side notes: Actually in Incredible Hulk it was Downey Jr who showed up in the secret ending, Jackson was in Iron Man's. And I suppose the superpowered person in Serenity/Firefly was River but I guess they didn't want to deal with that caveat. (Or weren't paying attention even as they praised it?)

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