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December 02 2003

(SPOILER) AtS S5x11 'Damage' summary at Spoiler Slayer. Looks like another great episode.

I love Tom Lenk and look forward to seeing Andrew again, but what an incredibly weak explanation for getting him back on the show. Like Giles would ever trust Andrew for an assignment like that? I can think of at least 10 other Scoobs and Pseudo-Scoobs that Giles would rather send to L.A.

This must be the episode that they wanted SMG to do and they had to rework it ala "Conversations With Dead People" when she turned it down. It would have been a more interesting story with her involved, that's for sure. I can just smell the Angel angst if they'd had a scene with Buffy kissing Spike's boo boos.
Let's not forget that Andrew was accompanied by a team of twelve other slayers and I'm sure that the rest of the Scooby Gang have their hands full gathering the other Slayers located around the world.

Let's not forget that Andrew has probably earned Giles' trust after helping to save the world.

Besides, after Buffy supposedly think she's lost Spike, and isn't ready for Angel or anyone other, I'm sure that going back to L.A. so soon would complicate things for her. She deserves her break. She's earned it.
I agree with Saturn, this must have been cast for someone else...This would have been a perfect episode for ASH to reprise Giles...I mean this episode begs for his explanation of the Slayer "activation" Ohh well, I guess we'll have to settle for Andrew...I seriously doubt we will see anyone of the original gang this season because the casting budget seems wicked tight (remember the circumstances concerning Cordy's/CC exit?).

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ASH is also really busy doing theatre in London right now. He won't be available for a while.

Andrew is the best (and cheapest) recognizable face they have at the moment. The 12 slayers will probably just be extras and not anyone we've seen before from when they were staying at Buffy's house in Sunnydale.
I forgot that ASH was doing Peter Pan and Pirates of Pensance...
I think Giles sent Andrew to LA so he wouldn't get his butt kicked at D&D by little red riding hood for a while :) ..... Just a theory :)
Andrew didn't "help save the world." He hid behind Anya and cowered. I can't imagine him earning Giles' respect in the slightest way. Giles sees him as an impulsive, irritating child.

Let's get real, people. Andrew was good for the funny. That's all. Exactly when did his status get so elevated among us? Lenk's character doesn't deserve our respect, he deserves our laughter. A small-time pseudo-villain with great comic timing does not a hero make.
I second Willowy's opinion.
1. We have no idea what exactly has been happening off-screen with Giles and Andrew since "Chosen", so it's not exactly fair to assume that there's no way Andrew could have earned anyone's respect in the slightest way. He earned Buffy's respect when he owned up to killing Jonathan, didn't he? Sort of dismissive (and maybe just a tad insulting?) to say he deserves our laughter and not our respect.

2. Regardless of my own feelings on the subject, since when in the Angelverse does someone doing something good mean that they are necessarily a "hero". I don't think the REAL message here is that Andrew is a bonafide hero, but rather that he is doing his part for the "mission". My impression is that Giles & Co. have an assload of newly awakened Slayers to track down and a very limited number of Scoobies to do that with. In a pinch I'd say that Andrew has proven himself well enough to at least be a PART of one of the many "contact teams" travelling the world trying to find all of the Slayers. The fact that he is accompanied by TWELVE other Slayers I think speaks volumes. I doubt that Xander had to have twelve Slayers accompany HIM on his missions.

Andrew, for better or worse, was part of the Scooby Gang at the very end and so gets at least this much trust and, dare I say, respect.
I'm with Willowy. Considering how long it took for Giles to be able to tolerate Xander and Cordelia (two thorns in his side who *didn't* murder anyone), I seriously doubt it has been long enough for Andrew to earn his respect. Andrew's inclusion on the episode is pure wankery, a combination of ME's love for Tom Lenk and that of all the BtVS cast, he was cheap and available.
Willowy's got it - Andrew is good for the funny. This is a very, very, very dark episode. We've got mental illness, child torture and severe mutilation packed into one little episode. They needed something to lighten it up - hence, Andrew. Also, for the first time all season (and no, I haven't forgotten 5.5) Lorne gets to do more than talk on the phone and mingle. They need those two bright spots (Andrew & Lorne, goofy and campy) to bring some relief to this dark tale.
Look Andrew is not the hero or for that part the comic relief. He is the following ...

1. An errand boy and always has been go get food and supplies that's what he is good for - plus it keeps him from being around the Scoobies - how hard is it to go and pick up a new slayer, doubt if he knew the LA one was insane .....
2. He's a good storyteller - he will take the time an explain what happen to them in his way but he will fill them in on everything for the most part so Giles and the others really wont have too ....
3. In an ealier spoiler he has taken on more of a Spike look - another reason no one wants him around esspecially Giles ....
4.Also he has always overstated his position even when he was with the Trio and the Scoobies - making himself the moral booster person and thinking it was an important job as the others.....

So it sounds like Andrew is just being Andrew in this episode.

One last thing, at the end of Buffy last season Joss was asked in an interview who would be likely to appear on Angel this year and he said he would like to see Aly and Tom appear and perhaps SMG - those are the 3 he mentioned back in May of this year - so I don't think this episode was altered to fit Tom - I think this one was written for him.

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Who's betting at the end of the episode Spike is in the same hospital type place as Cordy. Angel'll turn to leave Spike, something'll start beeping, he'll turn, Cordy'll open her eyes, episode'll end.
Ghost Spike - I can see I'm not the only one expecting that senario - so I doubt it will happen like that. I would perfer it to be more like Harmony looking in on Spike perhaps while Angel is in with him and then hearing the noise and being curious following the sound only to find Cordy thrashing around in a seizure like her post-demon visiony ones. Harmony tries to hold her down only to have Cordy open her eyes and seeing Harmony scream which brings Angel running, then end when he sees Cordy awake and Harmony holding her down.

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