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July 28 2010

Popcorn Taxi exclusive Sydney meet & greet with Joss Whedon. Popcorn Taxi in Sydney, Australia are offering premium seats and an exclusive after party to meet Joss when he appears at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday August 29th.

Of course I see this right after buying my tickets! So now I have two sets. My wife is going to strangle me:)
this is killing me....he's in my town and at this point I can't afford to buy tickets *cries*

Ok, so I'm in Melbourne and I have tickets to his keynote address down here. I MUST FIGURE OUT A WAY TO DO THIS.
Arrgh, my father is buying the tickets where he works right now and I can't get hold of him, god I hope he gets my email with this link in it before he does or else... well I'll still get to go see Joss but this would be cooler

EDIT: Managed to catch my father apparently because he got the popcorn taxi tickets so I get to be at this meet'n'greet... I just finished doing Numfar's dance of joy

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Does anybody have idea how many people will actually be at the after party? I mean, I'm looking at paying about $350 for this but will it end up me with hundreds of other fans, barely getting a glimpse of Joss?
escapist_dream it will probably be limited to like 150-200 at the very most!! More likely around the 50-80 mark...Joss is always very very generous with his time and his ability to recall peoples names is amazing!!!
Joss is always very very generous with his time

Prior to his Dark Horse signing at Comic-Con, DH announced that there was no time for people to take photos with him. Naturally, Joss proceeded to take photos with whoever asked him. I don't know why Dark Horse even bothers with the announcement. (I don't think it's the first time I've seen this happen.)
hahah b!X that's why we lurve him so much :)
And just to add....for those of you who can't afford the popcorn taxi but would love to see his appearance at the Opera House you can buy tickets directly here I just bought my tickets so I know how I'll be spending my birthday this year! *squeeee*.
Are the normal tickets on sale on the SOH site already? I can't seem to find the link for buying on the page...
How has everyone else got tickets? I signed up for the pre-sale and I've got NOTHING. I'm not happy!
Finally got my ticket (just for the talk) after an hour's agonising wait for my dad to authorise the use of his credit card. Even though I registered weeks ago on the site, I didn't receive an email. Glad to finally have snagged one.

Does anyone who has bought a ticket/s know where they're sitting? The guy on the other end mentioned it, but it was all such a blur that I can't seem to remember. I do recall him saying something about 'A reserve' though.

ETA: @highandrandom, also happened to me. Just call them up and you should be able to book one. They don't even ask if you've registered.

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I was sppose to get pre-sale too...but like you guys couldn't get thru I gave them a call and viola...I got tix :)
Thanks cardea, got my tickets the old fashioned way! Hooray!
If i said i was jealous I'd be lying so I won't say it, what I will say is i'm fucking jealous. with emphasis. too cool! i hope everyone who gets to go has a blast!
I spoke to Chris at Popcorn Taxi and he said they had 100 "premium" seats. I then spoke to the Opera House box office and was told that the Popcorn Taxi seats were center stalls, spread out between rows H and N. Not front row, but not bad either.

Dear Mods, If this is outside the rules please feel free to delete. If anyone can't find tickets, I did end up with two extra seats in Box B.
highandrandom, you're very welcome :)

Can't wait for the 29th.

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