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July 29 2010

Felicia Day on Net@Night. She discusses The Guild, Comic-Con, and the pressure of being a mainstream actress as well as a geek icon. Video version is here.

Her interview starts about 30 minutes (ish) into the show.

I couldn't make it to Felicia Day.
So Felicia, wearing WoW headphones...

-mentioned her upcoming reoccurring role on Eureka.

-announced she is writing five more Guild comics since the first one was so well received

-said (in amazement) that she is on the cover of the Dollhouse comic that will be included in the S2 DVD.

-said that she and her producer want to branch out and do other series and help other people do their own work

-announced that she is writing a new webseries that she will be shooting this fall between S4 and S5 of The Guild. The formal announcement (with details) should take place in a month or so.

A nice thing to watch while I drink my morning tea. (Especially because they ended it by showing the Game On video) Thanks.

If I got any of that slightly wrong, I'm sorry--it's morning.
Nope, think you covered the news stuff, BS. :) The rest of the conversation was mostly stuff we've heard before - about striking out on your own, working on little cash, the history of The Guild, Felicia being home-schooled and a genuine gamer/geek - stuff like that. The TWiT network is very much line with what Felicia, Kim Evey, Sandeep, and others have been doing in creating web content - Leo Laporte and Felicia are fans of each other! :P

New webseries from Felicia and Kim? YES PLEASE. And helping other people is wonderful as well. J. J. Abrams is smiling a big smile today. :P
This might just be because I like Bollywood movies, but I liked the Game On video more than Avatar. I really want to play video games right now.
@twainbrain Me either! That was painful...
Yeah...Leo Laporte does a few good podcasts, but net@night isn't one of them. I blame the fact that there are only two co-hosts more than anything. The shows with three or more regulars have a very different tone.

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