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July 29 2010

Kaylee's Cupcake - a recipe. This looks scrumptious.

Should not read while I'm hungry. Though I'm glad to see the author waving their geek-flag high. ;)
Matcha and strawberry? Well, now I've got a recipe to try for mrskishi's next birthday. =)
Those sound great! As soon as the weather cools off and I won't turn my house into a sauna, I'm making these. Now if I only had some more help with eating them...Twelve cupcakes sound dangerous.
Those plus some mudder's milk, good to go!
Tweeted this one earlier. Looks delicious.
When not if I have a kitchen again I want to try to capture Tara's and Harmony's personalities in cookies.
Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder... so not exactly "perfect" for a verse 1/2 based on Chinese culture.
OMG, now I'm dying for a cupcake. But no way would I do this from scratch - I didn't even know what matcha powder was, until I read the comment above.

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