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July 29 2010

Mark Ruffalo: "I look at it as my generation's Hamlet". Ruffalo's take on being cast in The Avengers and what it means to him. He's definitely got the right attitude.

I've heard about The Kids Are All Right for quite a while now. I'm definitely going to check it out now. Seems like an awesome guy.
That's the spirit!
K, warming up to the idea. I probably still won't believe it until I see a trailer, but so far, Mark is convincing me that he can be a good Bruce.
Yeah, good to see he's got a sense of humour about it. Let's see what he can do with it.
Hopefully he'll do a longer sound byte than that down the road, but just in that short section of questions he got my motor humming the tune of, "Yes indeed, that's the right guy for the job." Again, Joss' instincts were proved correct.
First time I saw the quote I thought someone was trolling for a soliloquy.

In context, however=witty!
aw, he sounds like a sweetie. I love how he is familiar with the source material and seems genuinely excited about playing such an iconic character. I wonder if they're going to do motion capture with him providing the basis for green!Hulk.

He's fab in The Kids Are All Right -- I can't strictly recommend it as a movie, but it's enjoyable in a messy, plot-meandering, indie sort of way; I loved all the actors and performances in it. I could pretty much watch Annette Bening in anything, and so too Mia Wasikowska, who is delicate and lovely as one of the teenagers. Ruffalo is all scruffy and masculine, playing a really lived-in character, charming but not quite reliable.
Glad to hear him speak about this role and now I am even more excited to see his take on it. Once more what a wonderful choice! :)
Smash! Not Smash!
Dat question!
Hah ;). ZodKneelsFirst FTW. +1 internets to you sir.
I like his take on the Hulk. I think he's handling Marvel's mess very well. Can't wait to see him in Joss' movie. (Isn't that fun to say? JOSS' MOVIE. Hee.)

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