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December 02 2003

Joss Whedon Pitched a Batman Film Whedon's take on Gotham?

not sure whether this was posted previously or not.
but how cool would this have been? possibility goes *poof*

this has already been posted, see the fourth post from the top.

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Please, people, can we try to read the site before we post?
To me, Frank Miller's Batman: Year One is the definitive origin story for Batman. Does anyone know if Joss was using Miller's story as a basis or completely reinventing the origin story?
oh, my apologies! feel free to delete.
it's a different source if that's any consolation re: the double post.
I usually search the archives for my new URL before I post it, but what would be better is a script that automatically checks for duplicate URLs before a post gets accepted.
I'm surprised someone didn't complain that this was a repost..oh wait..they did.
Yeah so it was posted twice. Got it. On to the topic. I agree with Splay that Miller's "Year One" is pretty damn hard to top even for Joss.
I wonder when he says 'an idea that I really loved'........maybe something completely different? Hard to believe, Joss is old-school comic book geek, hehe. Wonder if he'd elaborate on it at a Q&A or something
Didnt I read somewhere that David Boreanaz was supposed to play Batman in an origin "Year One" type of movie? That would be crazy if Whendon and Boreanaz did that together. Like Angel wearing the Bat suit. Plus DB has the whole brooding thing down pretty well. And the whole "Its too dangerous for me to be with a woman" thing too. Oh well... guess we will never know.

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