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"Blondie Bear?"
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July 29 2010

Christina Hendricks renders KTLA Anchor unable to form sentences. Video with some more love for our favourite interplanetary prevaricator.

"Can't... sentence... properly!"

Oh, Christina... *swoon*
Funny and Christina is wonderful as always, but.. He's a news anchor in the LA market?
She looks so much like Jaime Ray Newman with her hair long I kept double-taking.

That said, you have to wonder if she ever gets sick of being famous for her body, b/c that gets a whole lot more airtime then her acting.

She is distractingly gorgeous, I admit. But come on. I feel like it's crossing the line when you admit to visually imagining someone getting ready for a bath. Gross.
Reggie passes it to the man, shoots it, and boom goes the dynamite!

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Loose Deckplate, he used to be an MTV VJ. Then he became an Old, so the transition to an LA morning show was inevitable.

Unfortunately for LA (and journalism in general), that clip wasn't even near the most obnoxious end of the spectrum down here.
So funny xDDD I mean, terrible and unprofessional and awkward and all that, but all in all... Hilarious. xD
Well, he fared a hell of a lot better than I would have.
At least the other women kept the conversation going for a few minutes. I have to imagine that he had a Jayne Cobb "I'll be in my bunk"-expression on his face for a few moments. (She looked absolutely gorgeous in that clip... not bad for a morning TV news program.)

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