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July 29 2010

Eliza Dushku heads to Japan for Dollhouse promotions. Eliza Dushku will be visiting Japan for the first time on Aug 2 to promote DVD release of "Dollhouse". She'll be traveling to Japanese cities Tokyo and Osaka.

Glad to see a "Dollhouse lives" article. Not the best write up, but I'd hate to see Dollhouse recognition fade away, just because it didn't inspire the crazy loyal fans that Firefly inspired.
Except for some, like me.

(That's as in "crazy-loyal" .... not suggesting that loyal Firefly fans or browncoats are "crazy") ;)
Did I miss the episode where Echo became a "porn queen"?
AGH!! I just moved to Japan last week, I'm near Osaka!! If I can get time off work it'll just be me and Eliza chilling. This is amazing news! Thanks JAYROCK!
I'm curious--how popular was Dollhouse in Japan?
Would "porn queen" be the episode where she's dressed in S&M? Granted, we didn't really see her skills there, but I love the conversation she has with Boyd in the van.
Dollhouse always reminded me of one my favorite anime shows, "Gunslinger Girl", both in concept and theme, maybe it's right up their ally.

BlueSkies, it's cool that you're living in Japan, I lived there for two years and in all that time I don't recall any Whedon love. I was probably just not looking hard enough.
It is kind of Ghost in the Shellish anyway.

Wonder if she'll take my advice on Twitter. "Anata wa totemo suteki desu!"
RCM, I haven't noticed anything just yet cause my gasp on the language is pretty loose, in fact, it's non-existent! But I really do hope my boss gives me monday off, I'm waiting on a reply. If I get there I can send twitter updates to whedonesque if anyone is interested. But let's not hold our breathe for that.
Out of general nosiness, what's the job? I'd love to go back to Japan. Good luck getting the time off :)
PaperShock, I've read that Dollhouse has some HUGE fans there but since it's on cable not too many people have seen it.

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