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July 29 2010

Pre-Order Dollhouse S2 from Fox, Get the Lithograph. For a limited time, you can get the same limited edition lithograph that was available to those who preordered at Comic-Con. Update: Click here to find out how to get a 10% discount.

Fox tells us that there is also free shipping if you order soon.

wow very nice already pre-ordered my copy
i've already pre-ordered mine as well...

does anyone have a picture of this lithograph?
They'd probably do better if they matched Amazon's prices, the season is much cheaper there. It would also help to see what the lithograph looks like...

ETA: spelling

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I have the lithograph as I preordered at Comic-Con. It is the cover of Dollhouse Epitaphs without any lettering. There is a picture of it here
It's very large.
It is poster size.
I'm more okay with the slightly higher price, if it comes with the lithograph and especially the comic book.

Only thing is, the FOX site doesn't mention the comic book. I'd be a bit happier pre-ordering if it did.

It may be that it's assumed of course, but we all know ASS+U+ME, and I don't take anything for granted anymore...
Yeah, the lithograph is tempting, but I think I'll keep my Amazon pre-order, for $20 cheaper. I care more about the comic anyway.
As usual, they aren't taking orders from or shipping outside the States.
Found that out to my chagrin, samatwitch...guess I should be glad I have a MyUS account and can get it forwarded to Canada, eh?

Oh, that lithograph that I got exclusively for ordering at Comic-con? The one that they ended up putting on a table for everyone to take and also gave out at the dark horse booth for everyone who didn't pre order it?

Just making sure it's that one.

(I am very glad people got it that are fans, but I wouldn't have pre orderd @ CC had I known...)
Does anyone know if the UK amazon pre-order will have the comic too?
Mitholas, it doesn't say anything about the comic on either the UK or US Amazon sites, so it's hard to tell.

But, since the UK version is released nearly a month earlier than the US version, you could pre-order both. If the UK version comes without the comic, you can send it back and wait for the US version. If it comes with the comic, you can cancel your US pre-order. Sorted!
Anyone know if the Dollhouse blu-ray is region free? I would assume it is since the rest of the HD Whedonverse is, but I'd be awfully disappointed if it turned out this was the exception.
Strangely, the price was the same as Amazon last night when I first posted. I will ask themif it's region free (Amazon's page claims it's R1, btw).
Our Fox PR contact says

"Just been told that a coupon code can be used and it's "COMIC". This provides an additional 10% discount and shows free shipping at the final cart approve step."

The site is being updated to mention the comic for all pre-orders.
Needless to say, Felicia Day is awesome. But it seems like a strange lithograph to commemorate Eliza's series.
It's not strange at all since it's basically cross-promotion for the DVD and the comic.
10% off and free shipping? Lucky US citizens. Okay, might not be that big of a deal, but I keep thinking what it would cost to ship that litho internationally, and then 10% off and free shipping sound great in comparison.
Strange in that it isn't a lithograph of the star of the show. I thought the comic was a one-off. If it will be a series, then that makes sense.
Even if its a one-off, the comic follows the characters you see on the lithograph. It'd make sense for the litho to be of Eliza if the comic were about Eliza, but it isn't.

Altho, technically, Eliza is on the litho.

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TamaraC: The site is being updated to mention the comic for all pre-orders.

I bet myself $10 you'd handle this and/or let us know. (I am a cheapskate with myself, aren't I?)

Thankee. This is a cool thingy. And I like the Felicia-osity/groupness of it. (Love Eliza too, but everything else Dollhousian is pretty much all Eliza All The Time, and I was always hoping for stuff that was more ensemble, like the proverbial group powershots from BtVS, Angel, et al.)

My guess on why the poster is the comic book cover painting is that: it already exists now, and therefore nothing new has to be commissioned, paid for, approved and waited for and approved again (& again), whether illustration or poster design. But that's just a guess.

ETA: Oh, and yeah: what b!X said. ; >

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Sucky it's only for US residents. Canadians love Felicia Day, too!
Do they charge you now or when they ship it?
They charge now, GeekORage...least Fox seemed to charge right away when I ordered via Google Checkout to my American delivery address.

Though I'm narked I ordered BEFORE Fox offered up the promo code :(
Looking at my email confirmation from SDCC, this means those of us who ordered there in person are being charged significantly more than those of you ordering online now. That's a pretty big fail, Fox Home Entertainment, unless you now go and adjust the charges for all of those SDCC pre-orders.
On twitter MoTancharoen/Fox Home Entertainment also give ECHO as a sekrity promo code for a 10% discount & free shipping.

I "am* glad to be able to get this litho, but it does seem to me that one way or another folks that went to ComicCon ought to get something us civies didn't get - like a price break or somesuch... But since both that and the litho toothpaste won't go back in the tube, maybe some kind of new special unannounced treat slipped into their DVDs? ; > I'm just sayin'...

(And can I just confess I'm still holding off on pre-ordering this because I can't have multiple authorizations go through on my account, and I'm still slighty leery because of last year... So, BlueEyedBrigadier - there was only *one* amount substracted and/or authorized to or from your account? Anyone else who's already done this: what do you see on yer bank account or your credit card account?)
Anyone who pre-ordered at comic-con will get the same deal with 10% off and free shipping. Please let me know if you see anything different when your credit cards are charged.
I guess I'll have to try and score a lithograph off ebay.
I overcame my wee bout of skittishness, and ordered online at FOX - and may I just say: it seemed to go smooth as silk. Used a debit card and one (1) authorization only appeared on my account.

Niiiice clean-up, FOX-folks - way to learn from an earlier ('09) mistake. I'm feeling better 'bout this whole dealio. ; >
If anyone's order is hanging up on the Billing Address, Google Checkout works without a hitch. Fox's billing authorization seems to be nit-picky and not work for everyone. I called customer service and this was their 'fix'. Hope this helps someone.

Don't forget to use the ECHO promotional code.
Yeah, our Fox PR person mentioned the ECHO code in a follow up email. Pinged back to see what the deal will be for folks who ordered without the code.
wait, so if we pre-order from FOX we get the lithograph AND the comic?

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