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"grr... argh"
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July 30 2010

Details of the deleted scenes on the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD. Nine scenes in all lasting 9 minutes and 14 seconds. The Looking Back extra (presumably the Joss and cast roundtable feature) lasts 15 minutes 36 seconds. And the Outtakes extra is over 5 minutes long.

Note that this is for the R2 DVD, but there's no reason to suppose that it won't be the same for other regions.

I can't wait to watch the future scene that was intended to be in "Vows" I am very excited for this to come out.
"" and "" have me in a small fit. !!!

ETF: Should I black the spoiler titles? Eh, I'll be safe.

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I am also intrigued by "". How is that longer than 2 or 3 seconds?
Maybe there's a pregnant pause for some emotional, introspective thought? :)
Dang, I wish there was added scenes for Getting Closer and The Hollow Men. Those were the only two episodes in the season that I felt were missing a lot of footage in order to be paced well.
Excellent, I'm looking forward to all of those! I'm particularly happy about the scene and the length of the outtakes, I imagine it'll be quite fun.
How is there only ONE commentary listed?!?!?
I would guess it's because the BBFC haven't reviewed all of the boxset yet. There's no classifications of the actual episodes, so they'll probably pop up next week on the website.
"Note that this is for the R2 DVD, but there's no reason to suppose that it won't be the same for other regions."

It wouldn't be the first time extras were removed from other regions.

*Glares at the R4 Farscape boxsets*
The Hollow Men felt like it definitely needed either commentary or deleted footage; way too much that needed more fleshing out due to the disappointingly choppy and rushed script. I am really psyched about the lengthy Outtakes and Roundtable features however.
NotLike, I agree, well said.
Let us also not forget the Wild At Heart commentary by Joss, Seth and Marti from Buffy's season 4 DVDs being left out of R2 editions. I'm an American, but I feel really bad for those that didn't get to enjoy such a wonderful track. Then of course, we also now have to deal with Blu-ray exclusive commentaries and features. Grr Argh, indeed.
I hope the deleted

And though I've had longer outtakes from my previous TV show loves, I'll gladly take 5 minutes of outtakes from Dollhouse. *hugs still-imaginary s2 DVD*
What would have happened in Wild at Heart? Like I know on Doctor Who season 3 they dropped the only commentary with the lead three cast members since David Tennant and John Barrowman started a twang-off. They couldn't/didn't want to get the rights to the melody for American/Region 1 audiences so they replaced it with a podcast commentary. (Incidentally, Doctor Who and Futurama both spoiled me in terms of audio commentary for every episode and every other show pales in comparison. Likewise cult shows like Dollhouse disappoint me, especially with fewer than a 1/3rd of the episodes covered.)
I'm so excited for the outtakes

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