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July 30 2010

The seven business days of Whedon. Features include The Top 19 Buffy Episodes, The Best Episodes of the Mutant Enemy writers, The Best of Angel, The Top 8 Episodes directed by Joss Whedon and The Five Absolute Best 44 Minutes of Firefly.

Why no Season 1 Angel love? That was actually my favourite one! Oh well, great post, such a joy to read all the high praise! Hope he adds some Dolhouse someday, I'd love to see that spoken about in the same manner!
Good read but what did Minear say that infuriated the fans?

And why would Petrie have been upset about rewriting Spike in a positive light wrt the Beneath You ending. I imagine all the writers were briefed that Spike was going to be in a redemption arc by season's end, no?

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And it was kinda funny.
And why would Petrie have been upset about rewriting Spike in a positive light wrt the Beneath You ending
eddy | July 31, 04:13 CET

Maybe he wasn't, I've never heard that story before. In fact I don't believe that Joss did a "re-write" for the end of Beneath You. My understanding back when I'd just finished watching season 7 and was was reading everything I could find on it, was that Joss and Petrie tinkered with the dialog, but it was collaborative and done because Joss wanted something Shakespearean, for that segment.
What Joss did was a re-shoot, because the director wasn't getting the visual he wanted, for the chapel scene.

Some of these claims should have references, because someone is talking about a writer's integrity, and relationships between people who worked together for years.
Eh, writers are like fishermen. In time, their stories just continue to grow. Like you, we remember the original reports.

No harm done really, just let them bask ;) I think they deserve it.
Joss absolutely did a re-write of the church scene in Beneath You. Here's Petrie's version and Joss' is what aired. I remember reading Sarah Michelle Gellar talk about the end scene not working and how she spoke with Joss about it. The differences between the scripts are striking.

Maybe someone else can provide links to where this was said. It's a bit early for me.

Here's James Marsters talking about the re-writing process of the final Beneath You scene.

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So DeKnight's best work is on Angel? Really? Spiral is his best Buffy episode?

I sometimes forget that Dead Things is not universally hailed as his Buffyverse masterpiece.

(And no Villains for Marti? Sigh. I do like seeing the uneven but hugely entertaining Grave listed as one of Fury's best though.)
All in all every episode mention was a treasure. Thanks for the memories guys. Simon way to go dude!
Great read! Although I am a bit tired of people dumping all over Buffy S6 & 7. While not as good as 2 & 3 I've always preferred them to 4&5. There are so many great episodes in each of those seasons even if some plots were a little uneven.

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