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December 03 2003

(SPOILER) AtS S5x13 details based on the casting sides that are just out. Very cool indeed.

This is a Goddard/De Knight penned episode in case anyone is wondering.

So was 5x11. Those two must have been insanely busy for a while!

never expected a submarine....this could be amazing.
I think it will be interesting to see the kinda look Spike and Angel has during that time period. Also how he will be written, not to mention the subject of Dru and even perhaps Darla. Also why would Angel be on a sub full of humans concidering that in all info prior he had tried to keep to himself - he can't be in the millitary - cause he'd never have had passed the physical - what with being dead and all.
Anyone want to bet that somewhere out there a Spike/Angel slasher will post a fic called "Long, Hard, and Full of Seamen?"

I'm a WWII buff and interested in how this ep will play out, but it annoys me that this episode seems to retconn everything we know about souled Angel from "School Hard" and "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been." Goddard, I thought you were Continuity King, man! What happened?
Yeah I was wondering about the continuity too but I'm guessing Spike thinks that Angel is Angelus the whole time. So that wouldn't really mess up what we know about 'School Hard'. When it comes to "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" we'll just have to wait and see if this episode contradicts what we know Angel being depressed and alone.

What I want to know is why Darla never told Spike and Dru that Angelus was now a vampire with a soul.

Maybe we Angel fans and not the Fang Gang should have had the memory wipe.
I'd imagine that Spike finds out about Angel's soul while on the submarine in this episode it would be a reason to tell the story, revealing a little bit more of the key moments of their past, it is odd that Darla never told Spike & Dru about it. I'd say the reason Angel isnt in the permanent broody mode we were lead to believe he was in for most of the 20th century is just because he wants to stop Spike, not because it's what's right or anything, but because he doesnt much care for him.
Makes me wonder where Dru is, I thought those two were unseperable until the 90s.
Spike already knew about Angelus soul - remember he killed the gypsy guy's family, while Darla was talking to the guy about sparing his family. Also, Spike should be able to tell Angelus had a soul Darla could smell it on him, like Anya could smell Spike's - I guess if you got a soul and your a demon you put off some kind of different body odor.
Uh, am I the only one wondering what the heck they are doing with the story arcs anymore? They have all of LA to play with, two vampires with souls, but the writers instead turn to invent wierd distorted storylines of their past to fill airtime? Vampires in a human war? Why?
I'm guessing it will have relevance for the story arc for the last half of the season and I'm hoping it will tie in with the cyborb assassins that we saw. Could a bastardised version of the Initiative be behind it all?

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