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July 31 2010

The Adaptive, the Maladaptive, and the Mal-Adaptive. An essay from 'The Psychology of Joss Whedon' exploring the personality traits of Mal and Jayne.

This is just way too much fun. I am loving this.
That was one of my favorite essays in that book. I think it did a wonderful job of showcasing how Mal's behavior, though often harsh, is also necessary for he and his crew's survival.

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I love my WHEDONesque. I never know what I'm gonna find here.

I haven't read the book. There isn't enough time in the universe for all the books I'm trying to read and want to read. But this nice little link to the essay sent me down the Google hole of Trait Theory, the Theory of Positive Disintegration, and personality traits in general. AND... has consequently broken my character oriented writing block! *BIG sigh of relief*

Thanks for the link!

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