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July 31 2010

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch talks about his upcoming Spike series. Buffyfest caught up with Brian at SDCC. The Spike series gets discussed, as well as how it ties into S8. Fun interview.

I am *SO* excited for this series! Gah!!!!
I love that he is going to Vegas. It's my hometown and I do love it so. :) Everything about this sounds just right, to be honest. Can't wait!
The bulletpoints (with spoilers naturally):

- the series will provide the background for Spike meeting his crew and getting the ship.

- It's part of S8 continuity.

- Willow came to show up because Joss and Allie apologized for leaking the Angel bit in advance and Lynch joked, it would be fine if he could use Willow in exchange.

Joss surprisingly said yes but that he wanted oversight, because the character means so much to him.

He goes on how he always loved the dynamic between Spike and Willow, citing the impotence scene when Spike first gets the chip as one of the first scenes where Spike became truylikeable on the show. Willow and Spike are obviously both very different now and he likes to explore that.

- They asked him about Willingham putting Spike in red hearted underwear and Lynch answered he always imagined Spike as going commando.

- Bad things will happen in Vegas, Angel has his own problems and Spike volunteers because he wants to be in charge of his own destiny again. He takes some people with him:

Beta George
Beck (who is now a lot more critical of Spike)
Groo and the Dragon (he notes that he's exchanging mails with Groo's actor)

Jeremy will also play a part.

- the story is set about 1 year before S8 (though I think he means the present in S8 not the beginning)

-The villain of the story anticipates that Angel will send a teammember to deal with them and has a gutwrenching reunion in store for each of them with a person who is most important to them and can hurt them the most.

If Angel had come himself he would have met Cordelia
For Connor it's Darla
He doesn't reveal who it is for Spike, though there are few suspects.

He says the story does not build up big mystery and you'll know the stakes by issue 2.
I'm very excited about this... Brian Lynch really writes Spike the way that I see him (he is clearly a fan). I hope this comic series gets a big following!
It's a crossover. Didn't think it would ever happen.
And I will be picking up my first IDW comic since the end of AtF...
Great interview.I can't listen to it myself but thanks for the bulletpoints.I'm going to throw out as my speculation that the reunion the villain will throw at Spike who is most important and can hurt the most is Spike's mother.For Angel it would of been Cordy and Connor it would of been Darla.Both Cordy and Darla are dead so I figure whoever it is for Spike also has to be someone who is dead.His mother makes the most sense to me off the top of my head under those terms.
I think it might be Fred. Dunno why.
Fred could be a good choice too.I figure it has to be someone who is deceased/dead.Cordy is dead.Darla is dead.So whoever it will be for Spike also has to be someone who is important to the person in some way but is also dead is my guess.

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Erm... Buffy was previously dead. Twice. :)
Yeah but Buffy is alive now.That's why I don't think it would be Buffy or Dru.They're still both out there.I'm guessing part of the impact of who the person is is the fact they are gone.The pattern showing with Angel and Connor is both people that would of been used for them are no longer here.I guessed the same might be true of who Spike gets.I could be very wrong ofcourse.Being deceased might not have anything to do with who is chosen.

I bet if Illyria came than it would of been Wesley.I think for Gunn it could of been his sister.Fred would also work for him too,I think.

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Also, Darla and Cordelia were their respective (incestuousy)mother figures, which Spike's mom fits.
Not sure how Cordy was Angel's mother figure.
And I will be picking up my first IDW comic since the end of AtF...
marvelknight616 | July 31, 23:15 CET

Same here.
Not very interested in the story, but I need to follow this.
I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I haven't picked up an IDW book since maybe the second issue of Willingham's arc so it's nice to have a new book to look forward to! Brian Lynch is BY FAR my favorite ANGEL comics writer and he seems to really get Spike's character. Also, yay, I am not alone in thinking that Spike and Willow have an interesting relationship and should have more scenes together! It's so great to know Willow will be appearing in this, it all sounds very interesting and fun so far. This will be released in October, right?
Extremely happy about the series (does the dance of joy). It will be another first for me - ordering all the variant covers and avoiding getting bankrupt by the internetz.
Yep, I'll get the series too. This one sounds lik something is moving and it's great to hear from BL again, since he really gets how the characters tick.

On the Spike nemesis showing up: In the interview it sounds like they have possibly the real actual character, which would make Dru deffintely a suspect. The real Dru and Spike meeting again post soul would be quite something. Spike's mom is too low profile imho and Fred doesn't really work, their thing got pretty much worked up throughout ATF.

Alternatively it could be a fake Buffy of course.
I'd love this person to be Fred. I think, though, that it's Dru. Buffy is off-limits, sadly.
I don't understand why is Buffy off limits? Darla should be off limits (as in not being possible to be resurrected again if I understand correctly) Cordelia is a PTB (now baddies can call PTB at their own will?)

If this new Vegas baddie goes for manufactured characters, it may very well be Buffy. Why not?
I don't understand why is Buffy off limits?

It's doubtful that IDW have the rights to show her in their comic books.
Yeah, but the thing is that it wouldn't really be Buffy. Just an illusion of her being controlled to bring maximum pain to the hero. Cordelia was one of the closest person to Angel ever and he failed to save her in the end. Darla is Connor's mother, she sacrificed herself to save him. He was the only good thing she ever did in her life.
For Spike, neither Dru or Fred would carry the same importance. Dru was settled long ago and she's more Angel's burden then Spike's. In that Angel was the one that made her as she is. Fred, well she would be used for Wesley. While she had a good friendship with Spike, they were hardly soulmates/lovers or even best friends. Spike's mother, i also don't think would be valid, Spike made peace with what he had done on Buffy, so much so that he could even joke about it in season5.

As i said i don't see any problem with it, it wouldn't really be Buffy. And this series seems that it will have a good relationship to the main Buffy series. Willow appearing under Joss's supervision and his approval. And out of all those characters Buffy is the only one that remains unresolved in that Spike is unclear where he stands with her and that he considers her the one and only love of his life. Maximum pain for Spike=Buffy.
I wonder just how much hot 'n sweaty Angel and Spike action we would've gotten in Season 8 had Dark Horse not dropped the ball and let Angel rights slip away...
'Spike in a onesie' Haha! That would be rather adorable (or maybe slightly disturbing)

Finally, I can get excited about an Angel related comic again. Brian just nailed the characters' voices and personalities in ATF so I can't wait to see what he does with them this time, especially with Joss' input for Willow.

I think it could work having Dru. Although she is a burden for Angel, I still see there being a connection between Spike and Dru. She was his sire after all and they do have a history (just like Darla was Angel's and they still had this lovers/sire-sired/oedipal connection thingy going). I've wanted a Dru/Spike reunion anyway- they haven't met post-ensoulment and it would be interesting to see what feelings, if any, Spike has towards her now. I would've thought they'd save any form of a Spike/Buffy meeting for S8 - it would have more of an impact for Spike to see her when he arrives in Tibet (yes, I know it wouldn't really be her in Vegas but it would still be something that looks and talks like Buffy and hiss initial reaction would presumably be as if it was really her.) I'd leave any Buffy-related feelings for the actual S8 meeting.
I'm curious about the look of the comic. Is Urru doing it? I'm used to the After The Fall style now. Even if he's not, I know Lynch's writing will carry me through. <3
Yeah, I think it is Urru. (According to Lynch's Slayalive Q&A in June anyway)

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It seems to me that Crush included the major elements of the end of Spike and Dru. He was nostalgic about her, but made a clear choice to move in a different direction. She leaves declaring him lost. While it might be interesting to see her reactions to his soul, it's not clear what's so gripping on his side that hasn't already been covered in Crush. Also, it'd be a bit strange for Brian to go that way, since he's already done this story.

That said, I don't really trust Brian to have a good feel for Spike's *history*, and that means it's not impossible that he'd revisit the issue in a way that doesn't really take Crush fully into account. I say that because while there's a lot that's well-drawn in Brian's version of Spike -- certainly by far better than anything else IDW has managed -- it's always struck me that Brian's Spike isn't the Spike we saw develop in AtS season 5. There just seemed to be a tendency to pick up details from Spike's past whether they made sense given his subsequent development. Got to be hopeful, though. If we're ever going to get a good story from IDW, this would be it.
How about Joyce? I can't imagine Joss or DH making a big stink about it, and if you want some OLD continuity, there it is.
I agree Maggie, Dru was over and done with for Spike. He came to realize that she was forever a lost cause. He would never be able to get what he desires(true love) from her. And unlike so many others(Angel/Darla) Spike looked fondly upon the time he spent with her, it wasn't a sore,weak spot for him. Destiny was more about Spike/Angel then Spike/Dru.

I also agree with your second topic. While i think Brian is a great writer and Idw's best in writing Spike, there are several characteristics that his Spike have that differ him from Joss's version. The most annoying i think is the 'Spike feeling inferior to Angel' story. It was briefly explored and completed in season 5, where both characters grew and came to terms with their own destinies. Idw however has for the last 5 years made it a point to keep enforcing this occ plot on their Spike. Spike feeling less, inferior to Angel. I had enough of this after Asylum thank you very much but unfortunatly it kept on being brought back up. Following Asylum, it was Shadow Puppets,After the fall, Boys and their toys and ofcourse now the final Willingham's issues. I'm hoping Joss will steer Spike's story in another direction in season 8 because this is beyond old.

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Haven't been this excited for a comic since "After the Fall."
Sadly, I get no closer than "I'll flip through it in the store and might buy it for closer inspection". It's been a loooong time since "After the Fall" (which, while good on the aggregate, went through a couple rough patches itself -- staring at "First Night", hard).
I love Brian Lynch's writing and the way he writes Spike. He gets the character, also character interactions in his comics are always wonderful. I hope one day he gets to write a comic with Spike and Xander -the two characters with the best dynamic IMO.

I'm really excited about the new series. Especially exploring Spike and Willow's relationship after they changed -something I wanted to see in S7.

Spike interacting and bonding with a Scooby other than Buffy has always been my favorite part of the show. I was really disappointed we didn't see much of it in S7: Spike/Xander, Spike/Dawn, Spike/Willow all needed to be explored and developed.
King, I love the idea of Joyce. Doubt it'd happen -- but Spike cared about her, and he's changed a great deal since she died. But the interview sure sounded like they were talking about Dru.

Vergil, the inferiority complex also annoys me the most, followed by the adolescent "I wish I could get some and am going to boast about it when I do" attitude towards sex. Also not big on the overemphasis of Spike's reaction to damsels. But Lynch mostly colors in the lines, and as we've since learned that's no small thing. I'm still far more excited about seeing Joss's version of Spike, because that's the one I really, really miss.
I've never felt a lack of interaction between Spike and Xander or between Spike and Willow. The simple fact is, by that point in their lives, I'm pretty sure they both just left Spike to be "her problem", as in, "not gonna bang my head against my friend's tendency toward high-drama, high-maintenance, high-tension relationships".

Willow and Spike had very little relationship from what I could tell -- I could count the scenes of them interacting in any memorable or meaningful way, just the two of them or with them as the principals, on slightly more than one hand for the last four seasons. Xander had a much better defined relationship with Spike but -- client-side subtext notwithstanding -- it wasn't a pleasant one. In all of Season 7, I can think of only two collegial moments between them, Spike rescuing Xander from Caleb and their joint "investigation" of the jacket. In neither of these cases do I think of these as things they did out of mutual respect or concern, but just on general ethical principle (i.e. Spike didn't stop and say "ZOMG Xander!!!" and rescue him, he said "bloody preacher's got one of ours" and rescued him).

Spike and Dawn were the only ones with some sort of emotional investment in each other that seemed to vanish, but... well, what else needed to be said after Dawn's coup-de-grace in "Beneath You"? What would really have ever changed?

If I could nominate another character that I would love to have seen/to see Spike interact with, it would be Darla (probably not gonna happen for this purpose). That crew rolled together for a long time, and even if I bought the idea (and I don't, really) that they were the ONLY 1-on-1 combination of the foursome not to be "intimate", there's no way they wouldn't have some insight into each other.
Darla and Spike would be a great collision of personalities. Their dynamic seems destined to be filled with a fascinating antagonism and a grudging respect.
King, I agree there wasn't much Scoobie-Spike interaction. But I think it's a pity it never happened (and doesn't speak well of any of them). "Whoever fights this day will be my brother" -- or some such. The Gift diretly cites the St. Crispin's day speech, yet no bonds ever form. They all fought together for an entire summer after Buffy's death. That there is no bond on either side is just really sad, so like Sosa I'd love to see something develop.
Emmie, my own opinion is that their dynamic involved both those things and, on at least a couple of occasions, vigorous thrusting as well.

Maggie, I don't want to belabor the point, but I don't think it's a big secret why most-if-not-all long term animosity -- or at the very best, indifference -- between Spike and the Scoobies was present in Season 7. Buffy can get over whatever she wants to, doesn't obligate anyone else. I *don't* think that it was just not there at the start of Season 6, not with Spike casually showing up at the house for this or that, being part of the big team-wide patrol and witty banter, etc. I think he made most of the choices that kept him on the outside in Season 6 and 7.

Obviously this must have changed with at least Willow at some point, or she wouldn't be as happy to see him (which we now know is what she's reacting to) as she is in 8.35. It would be very easy to think that someone else, perhaps Xander, would greet Spike's arrival with "oh here is a fresher hell", but she's happy. I don't think that would have been the case at any point from about mid-Season 6 on. It probably doesn't help that -- and I'm just now realizing this -- Spike's last big interaction with The Gang until his passive-aggressive antics at Buffy's birthday was telling them that he hoped Sweet killed Buffy and Dawn.
Obviously this must have changed with at least Willow at some point, or she wouldn't be as happy to see him (which we now know is what she's reacting to) as she is in 8.35. It would be very easy to think that someone else, perhaps Xander, would greet Spike's arrival with "oh here is a fresher hell", but she's happy. I don't think that would have been the case at any point from about mid-Season 6 on.

Willow invited Spike to Buffy's birthday party in "Older and Far Away," (he mentioned that Willow told him about it), and seemed friendly to him in "Same Time, Same Place." We don't know if she ever found out about the AR even. She definitely doesn't consider him her best bud, but I see very little evidence for any animosity between them and some (though, admittedly, not much) evidence for them being okay with each other. Willow was partly responsible for the Scooby/Spike rift anyway, keeping him out of the loop on the resurrection spell--though this is not Spike-specific, but applies to Giles and Dawn as well--basically anyone she couldn't be sure to predict, or, more to the point, control. Willow and Spike never got close but I don't really think there was any particular antagonism; they both spiralled out of control in season six and both of them closed themselves off from others.

Anyway, I don't know if Xander would react with disdain to seeing Spike. In season seven, Xander lets Spike stay at his place after "Selfless" and only complains about wet towels. He pats Spike reassuringly on the shoulder in "Lies My Parents Told Me." And he makes a point of not rushing to jump to conclusions about whether Spike is killing again, when (e.g.) Anya does. We don't get a more clear indication of how the two feel about each other, and I think that's a shame.

In any case, I think it's clear that Spike/Scooby/Giles/Dawn relations are much, much more stable when Buffy is dead and they can all continue with their respective idealized versions of Buffy and bond over the things that their various Buffys have in common. When she's back alive, they all want their own version of Buffy back: Dawn wants her sister, Spike wants a potential lover and dark partner, Giles wants his perfect slayer and the Scoobies want their hero and organizing force. In season six in particular, these are all in opposition to each other and so they are all fractured from each other. In season seven, the Scooby and Dawn versions of Buffy are closer (Dawn is older and wants to be a Scooby) but the part of Buffy that connects to Spike is still not the one that connects to the Scoobies. Late season five and over the summer is the point at which Buffy can somewhat be all things to all people.

Also, Spike's last big interaction with the gang was not hoping Sweet killed Buffy and Dawn. After that he saved Buffy's life from Sweet while dancing, and then came Tabula Rasa where he was treated more or less as a weird part of the gang. I agree though that he loses interest in not being with Buffy after that.
King, in my view they (the core Scoobies, not Dawn) treated him like crap from the moment they brought Buffy back from the dead. His inappropriate choices (in which he was by no means alone) were far into the future at that point. I am very much looking forward to see how Willow and Spike interact. Perhaps as the other 'redeemed killer' in the group, she is able to cut him a bit of slack and look beyond the fangs now.
I keep thinking it has to be DRU. It will be great to have Brian back. Really great.

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