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August 01 2010

Jones Soda has a clip of the Buffy Season 8 motion comic. For Wolves at the Gate to be exact.

Willow's voice actor is horrible. I can do better. Same for Xander.

I have only seen the trailer for the first ep, but I really think the voice actor doing Buffy would have made a better Cordelia. It will be weird, hearing Cordelia and Buffy talk in issue 20(if they'll be one), and Buffy sounding like Cordelia.

Her what? Apart from doing terrible voice overs, someone might want to tell these actors to watch an episode or two before doing the voices. The scene in the clip is my favorite scene in the comics so far, and I don't think they did it any justice at all.
The animation was going ok until Buffy ignited the box - that was hilariously awful. Though I'd quite like to see Buffy hunting for her Sith. Could be a fun crossover. ;)
"Where's my Sith?"

Color my unimpressed. Although I do think it's a little hilariously redundant to make a motion comic our of a comic that it the continuation of a tv show.
How many lines are cut out in the comic? Wouldn't it be hilarous, in the final comic issue, Buffy says "Oh, that explains what happened back then [she refers to a line/panel in a earlier issue] and that explains the huge mystery. Now everything makes sense" and then that's one of the lines or panels that the motion comic cut out, or didn't put enough effort into.

They should have waited until the season was over. Very bad planning. it's not like they can know now, which parts of the comic are the most important or not.

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Is it just me or does Buffy sound like Eliza Dushku in this? (Obviously it isn't, but there does seem to be a resemblance.)
Um. Uh.

"Sith." Really? "SITH"? Is "scythe" not a common enough word that this gets past an actor, the producers, and a studio? Dumb.
Heresy. Good idea but by golly the voices are awful, I'll stick with the funny book.
Oh dear. I guess the whole "maybe they'll figure things out later in the series" thing is out.
"Where's my Sith?"

I laughed. And then I cried.

and then that's one of the lines or panels that the motion comic cut out,

Yes I wondered about that too. If Joss isn't involved then the people behind the motion comic could be nixing scenes and lines without realising that they could be foreshadowing future events.
I almost hope they cut so many important parts, and they have to make their own ending, since the real ending won't make any sense.

Is that evil?
I...uh.... just awful. I mean really, really bad.
Skytte, how will the ending not make sense?
Oh. Seriousfully. Dear. Me.

(It's cute, when you think about it - any written pronunciation guide, like the one I linked to, is gonna show something like this for the noun:


Maybe they don't know how to read one?

This error's fixable, obviously, if somebody cares enough to do it, but it doesn't bode well. Well, sadly, little has about this whole project.

Or - just add it to the growing pile of why I don't care much about it, anyway.
The "scythe" thing is really gross.
Hehe, thanks for that, QG. I love the thought that they actually stopped, made an effort to find out how to pronounce it and still got it wrong. I didn't think "scythe" was a particularly obscure word either, but then I grew up with Terry Pratchett books, which have Death as a character.

I suppose, while we're having a laugh at this, we should remember that the comic itself has made much worse errors (eg. Monroe's surprising resurrection).

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Man, now I can't get the image of Andrew in Darth Maul makeup out of my head.

Still, better than the images of the "animation" in this sticking around.

QG, my Dutch/English dictionary (which is open because I'm supposed to be working on a translation right now, le sigh) says it is: [saɪš]

patxshand, what if they erase a panel/line/event that is used in the last issue, to explain something important? I can't come up with a good example. It's like watching a crime show; They show a character noticing a clock that's set at the wrong time. Later in that issue, that character says ”I get it now! The clock was set wrong because a electric pulse went through the house, killing the victim, but leaving no trace, other than messing with the clock”.
Monroe was the leader of the werewolves that turned against Oz and Bay. Bay was shown killing Monroe in a flashback, but he then popped up in present day, alive and well, without any comment.

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Oh, that. I wonder if it was a error, or if we were suppose to think he survived, but they failed to convey it.
Oh god, this is horrible.

'Sith' is beyond a joke. The voice acting is horrible. And notice also how they have flipped one of the panels and so Xander's eye-patch is on the wrong side! LOL!

I think the Monroe thing was something about how we weren't meant to think he was dead, but because there was so much blood shown in the panel everyone assumed he was. I don't think Jane Espenson would really forget she had killed him.
An error in the artwork is a pretty big problem in a visual medium, but the problem with that explanation is that in the next panel Bay says, "I probably made a mistake. I made him a martyr." That doesn't leave much room for ambiguity.
Can't martyrs be people who are alive yet suffered?

But yeah, that line pretty, much says that he's dead.
This is hilariously bad. It's now becoming worthwhile to buy this just to laugh at it. The "Sith" line killed me--I scared my cat when I burst out laughing.
Months ago I was screaming about how horrible the idea of motion comics were to begin with but despite all the fervor in this thread, I actually thought it was better than expected. I've seen some REALLY horrible "motion comics" in the form of those god-awful cartoons from the 70s (was it the 70s?). (I recall an iron man cartoon where he was fighting The Mandarin) Anyway, this held my attention which is more than I expected.

I'm sure once they get the kinks worked out, it will be better. We assume these motion comics were made for us, huge fans of the Verse but in reality, we're just a tiny segment of the target audience. I dont think a buffy novice will care if they screwed up the name of buf's weapon. (Its not like they called it Mr. Pointy or something) The overall effort was good--I'm sure quite a bit of time and effort went into this.

In general, I still think the idea of taking a perfectly good medium and converting it into something more...palatable...for fans who don't want to take the time read the books is a little bit of a cop-out. Its like anything, if you're not willing to invest the time, you dont get the same payoff as a faithful reader. Same applies to the tv show, if you invested the hours, you get to be in on the joke when Anya sings her little bunnies rock ditty in OMWF, for example.
That was hilariously awful. Nice to start the day with a good laugh!
I'm guessing not one person involved in the motion comics actually saw season 7.
I take back all my previous whining about not being able to get this in the UK, absolutely terrible. It's like when you're in school and have to listen to annoying kids reading outloud when you wish they would just shut up an let you get on with it. The art is barely even animated as well, I was expecting a bit more than just a differently angled eyebrow here and there. But then I guess the whole concept means they have very little to work with.
Wow this is lame. While I think anything Buffy related without Joss's involvement is a waste of time being glorified fan fiction, in this case, there aren't even any fans! WTF.
Forget about whether or not they've seen Season Seven - when did writers stop being readers as well? Let's face it, of all the things Joss may not have originated with Buffy, the word "scythe" has to rank damn near the top. Even if the actors didn't know any better, the director/scriptwriter (editor, whatever) should have.
Of course, the weapon in question is actually no such thing in the first place :). Misprounced misnomer!
Yeah but if that's how they pronounce scythe then Christ knows what they'd do with 'Lochaber' ;).
Well, to be fair, I wasn't familiar with that term, myself, even though I've seen the weapons quite a number of times... :-)

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Nice. Oh, an KingofCretins, that's exactly what I was thinking. Not really a big deal to mispronounce scythe when it wasn't actually a scythe in the first place. Although, where's my pretty stakey axe doesn't sound as cool.
I think the Scythe is a very appropriate name for the Slayer's weapon. Mainly because of the symbolism: Buffy, the Slayer, the Grim Reaper to all vampires and demon kind, the executioner of the forces of darkness, of course carries a scythe. The name of her weapon is symbolic of her role. Besides the Grim Reaper, the Roman God Saturn was often depicted holding a scythe meant to symbolize his "cutting down and subverting all things." Sound familiar?

Buffy's weapon is her scythe for its symbolism and how it denotes her role as the Slayer. And why would a weapon that predates history be called a weaponry term that was invented in the Middle Ages (e.g. lochebar axe, bardiche, etc, which by the way are pole axes, not melee weapons)?

A scythe is one of the most ancient weapons. A weapon that began as an agricultural tool, but then turned sinister. Again, fitting symbolism for a girl chosen to hunt and slay vampires.

Terminology of ancient weapons becomes almost moot when the oldest tool/weapon in human history is an axe which is little more than a rock with a sharp edge. If objects are given names to denote meaning, then the Slayer's weapon being called a scythe has far more meaning than any other name. At generic best, one could call it an axe, but there is no real world weapon that is exactly like the Slayer's scythe (which is more than just an axe), so why should we expect it to have an accurate descriptive real world name?

The scythe then is named not for its descriptive form (it's an axe in form), but is named for its function: reaping demons.

A scythe is a tool used for reaping and so the Slayer's weapon is the Scythe.

Even in the text, it's acknowledged that the weapon resembles an axe (Willow researching the history of the axe), but then they discover this:

(paces) "M" plus glottal stop is represented by a picture that's commonly thought to symbolize a sickle or a scythe. It's in thousands of carvings. In Egypt, throughout the ancient world.

A sickle or a scythe were two ancient forms of weapons. As Giles goes on to say, "a scythe is a symbol of death." The weapon is named for its symbolism, not for its axe shape. Recall also how in this scene, Willow is researching specific axes. They're not looking for a type of axe like a battle axe or a tomahawk. They're looking for one specific axe with a specific name.

Maybe we should research the weapon itself. Like...look. Maybe it's the Axe of Dekeron, said to have been forged in hell itself. Lost since the Children's Crusade, where it was said to have killed— (sits back, makes a face) Oh. Children. I hope that's not it.

Well, I have reference to the Sword of Moskva, the, uh...Reaper of the Tigris—how are we supposed to narrow this down?

The Scythe then isn't what form of weapon it is. It's the name of the weapon, named for what it does (reaping demons) of symbolic importance, and not what it looks like (an axe with a stake at one end) or as Angel puts it, "that real cool axe-thing."

Mutant Enemy said it's an axe-thing so we as fans aren't earning supercool bonus points for being smarter than them in knowing it's an axe. And the motion comics don't get a free pass for failing to correct the mispronunciation of a word when that mistake was brought to their attention during production.

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Heh, nice fan-wank ;).

Personally I don't think anyone's supercool for knowing it's an axe, it's no great achievement because it clearly most closely resembles an axe what with it, y'know, being an axe. You can call it The Scythe if you want (I do) since that's a proper name (it quite often appears as 'The Scythe' IIRC), it's just not a scythe (which no-one disagrees with so there's no argument there really).

(my own fan-wank has it as a standard pole-axe originally - seems sensible to want to kill vamps/demons at a distance - but the pole snapped sometime in use. Some enterprising Slayer/other goodie type person sharpened the broken end and there we have it, a short handled Lochaber axe with a stake on the supposedly non-business end. Handy ;)
Hey they took the video down! Guess all that slagging paid off.
Hooray ! We are a destructive force of untold potential !

(maybe they took it down because they're fixing it. Which would be pretty cool even though it'd somewhat detract from our destructive force)
Hah ! @ all the folks who freaked out at the [admittedly shameful] pronunciation mishap. This is an easily fixable mistake, with the motion comics version of "Wolves at the Gate" still a long way off. Re-recording is possible. Geez. But I guess all the mocking may've helped garner the attention of Fox Home Ent. and/or Tamara specifically.

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