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August 01 2010

Superman Batman: Apocalypse - First Look. A behind the scenes look - featuring interviews with the cast and crew including Summer Glau - on the DCAU's upcoming release. For a sampling of the films' unique visual style see here.

Man, they based this off of Michael Turner's artwork didn't they? He was the artist who originally drew the art for the issues that this story line is based off of. He drew an awesome Batman and his Supergirl was gorgeous, if a little thin. He had a beautiful smile and is missed. (Michael Turner died a few years ago of bone cancer that he had been fighting against for years.)

And isn't Batman being voiced by Kevin Conroy and Supes by Tim Daily in this as well?
Yep it's the Conroy/Daly super-combo, as with 'Public Enemies'. I like the style, almost a kind of anime feel to the animation (though that could just be due to the trailer).

And man do they keep coming up trumps with the cast on these. Andre Braugher as Darkseid ? Fantastic. And Summer breaking her DCAU duck, she's a great pick for this incarnation of Supergirl.

(OT but does Summer smoke ? Just that her voice sounded a bit huskier than usual in that short clip to me. Can't say I hated it ;)

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