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August 01 2010

(SPOILER) Scott Allie interview about end of Buffy Season 8 and plans for Season 9. Gives more info on season 9.

Great interview!

I love the idea of a Dollhouse comic. It seemed that Jed and Mo were the real stars of Dollhouse, as opposed to Joss. It was always their baby (at least they wrote the best episodes). I'd love to see them "executive produce" the comic if Joss doesn't have time. Have I mentioned how much I want a Dollhouse comic?

The more I read about the end of Season 8, the more I feel like I'm going to be let down. It seems like there are going to be a lot of loose ends.

I love that they're moving away from a "tv series" format with with 9. I was excited about Buffy moving into comics (canon anyway) back when the series first started because there's a freedom to do so much - miniseries, one-shots, concurrent titles, etc., etc. I was disappointed when they were so strict with the "this is a tv series in comic form" strategy. It just felt... somehow wrong to the medium. Comics are comics. I love that with season 9, they're going with the more traditional comics approach, modeling it after the early Marvel universe. AND I love that they're workign with IDW to keep continuity.

Quick question for anyone in the know: It was my understanding that IDW could use any of the Buffyverse characters that appeared on Ats, but none that are exclusive to Buffy's show; just like Dark Horse could use any of the characters that appeared on Buffy, but not characters that are exclusive to Ats, which is why DH is able to use Angel and Spike without having to get permission from IDW. Well, Willow appeared in Angel, so why does IDW need permission to use her? Was it just a courtesy or am I missing about the licensing agreement? If was a courtesy, kudos to IDW - much better than Joss/Dark Horse not telling them about Angel/Twilight... I know they had every right to do it, but I feel like it would be have been professional courtesy to at least inform the rights holder of the Angel series about what they plan to do with the character. I've always been troubled by that...

I ramble a lot. Sorry...
Liking the idea of using multiple lead artists who will bring their different styles and interpretations to Season 9.
I am really excited for S9. This sounds fabulous.
Awesome interview! Thanks Scott and Xi!

I am so pumped for S9. The way they are describing it is exactly how I've always wanted/envisioned these comics. The only thing they have to worry about is stretching out the cast of characters to thin over multiple titles. Because I don't know about anyone else, but for me the Buffyverse is about these characters interacting together. Should be fun to see how it goes.
So... when can we start petitioning for a Satsu monthly?

I was thinking about this... if given the choice between a Satsu series and a Faith series, I think I'd go with Satsu. Given what's been set up in NFFY and subsequent Faith stories, I'm pretty sure Giles would be moved into that series. And I hate it when Giles and Buffy are estranged. Plus, I love the dynamic between Faith and Buffy. The rivalry. I'd like to see Faith reintegrated as a regular. One of the scoobies.

Satsu, on the other hand, is already off on her own. She's an outsider. She could have amazing stories to tell and we wouldn't feel like her story is taking away from regular character interaction.
The strategy for S9 seems quite interesting, and I can see it working out well. Though I do wonder that it might stretch some people's budgets if 3,4 or more comics were sometimes being released in the same month.
I'm really interested to see where they are taking this and the more little hints we get, the more I want to know. This is going to be exciting! This IS exciting!
I like the way you think, jesse. :)
I think a Satsu series would be rad. They could make her all ninja-like, just with the power of the Slayer also.

I'm also glad about Fray's status as being Joss-only. I don't think she got enough screen (page?) time during the Season 8 issues she was in. I'm also a fan of Moline's so it's good to see they're keeping him around as best as they can!
Wenxina strikes again (you should put these interviews at least as hobbies in your resume).

Lots of goodies, thanks Mr Allie and Slayalive
So which comic book writing novelist or novel writing comic book writer was at SDCC?
So which comic book writing novelist or novel writing comic book writer was at SDCC?

Ummm... all of them?
Not many comic book writers write novels. Off hand I can only think of Warren Ellis. As for novel writers who write comic books, there's Brad Meltzer and ummm?
Yes! But I don't think he was at SDCC this year. Was he?

I love a mystery.
Neil Gaiman, but i guess he wasn't there either.
Warren Ellis was at Comic-Con to promote 'Red' so it could be him actually.
@jesse, kaan and anca: Thanks. I'm glad people liked the interview... and yeah, I have the interviews saved on file... should I ever need to put them in a portfolio or anything.
Simon, there's a whole bunch of novelists who've been writing comics in recent years, from (mostly crime) writers like Duane Swierczynski and Charlie Huston that Marvel recruited to Jodi Picoult to Tamora Pierce to Greg Rucka to... hm, I'll just stop there--Rucka writes some good comics.

Point is, I'm afraid there's too many to be able to make an educated guess, and no guarantee this person has even written comics before.

Or it could be Alan Moore visiting SDCC undercover, of course.
Wait, it's a guy, so some of those writers I mentioned don't fit the bill.

Peter David? Dan Abnett? Have written too many books for one to be "the guy's novel," perhaps. If you take that as him having written just the one, that would narrow the field. Hell, John Byrne wrote a novel once.
"The guy's novel" isn't a phrase that, as used, requires that the author has only written one.
But it certainly suggests it.
Does it sound like to anybody else that we won't be getting anymore preview pages or covers for upcoming issues because they're are going to be too spoilery?

I wonder if Dark Horse will do what DC/Marvel does when they want to hide covers that will spoil and in the solicitations put a blank page with the words TOP SECRET! for the covers.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2010-08-02 16:37 ]
^^ With Dark Horse's track record, they'll just release the spoilery covers anyway. ;-)
Neil Gaiman would be shweet. I mean, he's writing for Doctor Who now, and has an amazing sense of fantasy. Peter David loves Angel stuff, and is good.
Well it's not Warren Ellis. I know that because he said so on my LJ. Me = very stunned.
Tom Sniegowski or Chris Golden comes to mind.
What about Joe Hill (Stephen King's son)? He's written two (excellent) novels and is writing the amazing Locke and Key comic series at IDW.
Great guess Wyndam_. Scott is a big fan of Locke and Key, and of course Joe Hill writes his favourite genre: horror.

That's so cool Simon. Your power knows no bounds!

edit: Turned my first 'Cool' into 'Great' cause I sounded lame saying cool over and over again. Cool.

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This arc seems, to this casual reader, the best one in a long while. And not just in a "Thank Crom it's over" way but blurring vaguely into genuine interest.

I'd love to see a series, or arc, or one-shot, of Satsu as a lone op. And one of any of those of Kennedy playing Sgt Fury to an "attack squad." And one of any of those where Buffy gets a free wish; she could use, oh, maybe some new shoes, or-umm something.
Satsu is a character with legs. Part of the fun of daydreaming about Buffy after the finale of Season 7 was thinking of all those Slayers loose in the world, what they would encounter, how they would cope with their personal limitations --the final season of Angel got into it with one episode, but otherwise it was mostly unexplored. When Season 8 got started in comic form I was initially disappointed that it wouldn't be a "Tales of the Slayers" series. The more they did of this, the better for me. I'll be there for Season 9.
Where there will not be a slayer army, only a slayer.
Dana5140: Well, there I part company with you :-), if you're talking about depowering the whole SLayer Army isntead of just moving them off-stage (Improves my original character Autumn Rosenberg-Maclay's chances of living past the end of 2026/early 2027.)
I'm now wondering about Greg Rucka being the writer. He has actually written a Buffyverse story before.

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