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August 02 2010

Marvel's Kevin Feige says Joss is on the verge of greatness. Talks about how Joss got The Avengers directing job.

And by 'on the verge of doing something great' of course I mean 'has consistently been smack dab in the center of greatness creation'.
Yeah, on the verge of creating so much greatness it will be illegal in the future to ever do so again, more like.
Darling, I think you'll find he's way past a 'verge'
I think he's right, and I think he's taking a more objective, wider-lensed look at "greatness". What he's talking about, IMO, is that Joss can jump up from where he is to that Spielbergian/Cameronian stratosphere of true pop culture dominance and saturation, if he can break off an "Avengers" movie as rewatchable and imagination-capturing as a "Jurassic Park"/"T2" or, to be comic book specific, a "Spider-Man" or a Nolan-era "Batman" film.
Agreed w/KingofCretins - yes, we all know he's great, but the general household doesn't. He's definitely on the verge of that sort of greatness, now, with the Avengers.

Did I mention that I can't wait? :)
Awh, Joss has greatness coming out his wazoo.
Like everyone else here I think that Joss already is great, he just isn't very famous yet. The things he has created are amazing and valuable and will just earn him more respect as time goes by, but so far not enough people have seen what he has done. I do hope that 'Avengers' turns out to be his break out film that brings all his other work the attention it deserves, but I worry about jinxing it or putting too much pressure on it!
I think there's cult appeal great and then there's mass appeal great. 2012 is going to very interesting indeed.
2012 an insane year for large-canvas genre:

Star Trek 2 (12?)
Spider-Man reboot
Batman 3
Superman reboot
A new Godzilla is also supposed to come out in 2012.Men In Black III comes out on May 25th 2012.
I'm hoping The Avengers will be a commercial success which will lead to opportunities for Joss to create completely original works with adequate budgets and more creative freedom.

I've seen movies derived from comic books that I thought were very good; A History of Violence and the first Batman remake come to mind. An ensemble piece for multiple established characters, midway through a projected series done by various hands, may be a good movie but it's unlikely to be a great one.
Interesting to see he also classes Branagh as "on the verge" of greatness. What is this verge of which you speak? I do not think the word means what you think it means. The men who created The Body or Hamlet ain't on no verge I know of.
Did you see Avengers? This *NEW* director Joss Whedon...he like directed and co-wrote and produced and like did everything...

Or maybe it will be This *NEW* director Joe Sweden...

Or maybe This *NEW* director Whedon... yep that is it.

and he has a blog...
Yeah but The Avengers is his best stuff. Sweden's Buffy just isn't as good. It's so cheap looking!
Yeah, for some reason, he filmed Buffy in full screen version not widescreen. What is up with that?!?
And I heard he did a episode of Buffy with no sound.
That Buffy and Angel storyline was a little too similiar to Twilight. Can't these writers come up with something original? I can't wait for Avengers 2! Oh yeah and I read a rumor that Swedon is going to direct the Terminator reboot. How cool is that?!
I agree with Simon. In my opinion, Joss' uniqueness is the key ingredient, which to be honest may not translate into mass appeal. Making great characters (and the ensuing characterization of them) is a large part of why I love his work, and he definitely can build upon that for a mass audience (see Astonishing X-Men, at least IMHO).
Not to put a damper on the fun and amusing banter, but I'd rather play it safe on this one - for his sake.

I swear to God I'm not drunk - it just happened to come out that way.

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