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August 02 2010

Richard Jenkins talks about his love for The Cabin in The Woods. He tells Bloody-Disgusting that he nearly turned down the movie until his agent convinced him to read the script. "I read it and said, 'Okay. This is fabulous'".

I am getting very excited!!
And I like that he used the word "fabulous".
I'll be eagerly on hand to watch Cabin in a few years when the bootleg version leaks onto the internet.
I think they should hold back 'til we can convert it to 3.5D ;).
Nah, they probably will launch it in an 11 dimensions format, just after someone will be abble to prove their existence.
Nice, b!X.

Man, you really got some happening stuff from ComicCon this year. And so did danregal and many others, too. It was good for the vicarious ComicCon-yness.

Oh, yeah, the topic at hand. I really can't believe we won't be able to see this for the foreseeable future. I am hoping that in some unpredictable industry fashion the whopping success of Joss' Avengers will poke Cabin into (non-3D) release.

'Cause: just looking at the old release date on these ComicCon posters makes me all sad-like.

I'm sure what gets leaked for you to see will just be a giant misdirection for the real movie that makes it out a decade later.

Why only make one film to leak? Maybe they are making many versions so we can never work out which is the real film. Eventually, the only horror films available will be versions of Cabin, which explains Joss's "the end of horror movies... literally" line. Could be why MGM are in financial difficulty too.

Either way, I just want to see this film. Joss seemed to be taking the delays on the chin in his ComicCon talks and there isn't really anything he can do about it, but it must be real kick to the nuts for his work not to be seen by anyone.
I wonder if Marvel/Kevin Feige have seen it and if so whether it contributed to Joss getting The avengers.
Figures Bloody Disgusting is offline right now. What IS this bad karma? Frustrating situation with the film. I'm trying to look on the bright side of life per Python and think "Okay, this isn't the curse of Whedon, it's just one of those things that happens in film world." Hey, I don't want to be 90 and the film is found in some dusty archive and it gets converted to the current technology, shown in a museum someplace, and I won't care because I'll already have forgotten about everything before 90.
Are there prints of this film in existence? 'Cause it would only take 2000 fans x $30 each to buy a $60,000 print... for example... just sayin'. Then we could tour it around the country for screenings, CSTS-style.
Cool, Jenkins was at ComiCon. Was it just as a guest/con-goer, or for something else big/genre he's gonna be showing up in soon ?

I wonder if Joss has seen Six Feet Under. Pretty sure he mentioned The Visitor at one point, plus Jenkins has been in a number of other things (Step Brothers, heh), so he's probably seen his work even outside of his demo reel (would someone of Jenkins' calibre still use a demo reel in attempting to get cast in films/shows ? For this it sounds like the script was sent to him, like they were courting him to be in it ?).

Site down, can't read article/interview, sad.
I think he was there for Let Me In.

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