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August 03 2010

Out next year from Dark Horse - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales. Looks like it's going to be a hardcover collection of the Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires comic books plus Becky Cloonan and Jackie Kessler's Season 8 stories.

Brilliant idea; I'll be getting this one for sure. But the title is quite odd; doesn't really roll of the tongue very well. They could have just called it Tales of Slayers and Vampires or something.
Damn it, I'm a sucker for collections. I won't be able to keep my hands off this!
But the title is quite odd; doesn't really roll of the tongue very well.

Buffy Tales? Short and sweet. I'm looking forward to this. Really enjoyed the Tales of the Slayers tpb and loved the Vampires mini-series especially the Angel story. For completion's sake I hope it has the Broken Bottle of Djinn story.
I have both Slayers and Vampires when I was hunting down everything canon in the Buffyverse. I'll see what this is like closer to the date. Good to know they are getting reprinted though, my Slayers is second-hand. Reason enough to buy it I guess.
Bit pricey for stuff I already have but OTOH, hardbacks are so very pretty. Add the Jo Chen cover and it's slightly tempting.
The extra stories is the tales of the vampires one shot and the vampire e-comic, isn't it?

I kind of think issue 5 of Season 8 would fit in thetre as well, but it's not necassary.
UGH---I recently bought the Tales trades and now I'll have to rebuy them in order to get a print copy of Jackie Kessler's story. Oh well.
Meanwhile, hopefully we'll find out soon when the Season 8 hardcovers are coming out.
Well, Simon, you're right, "Buffy Tales" does sound pretty sweet, but I'm thinking it'll be more "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales", which is a bit jarring, what with such a short word after the pause. It really doesn't matter in any way whatsoever, though; these are just the things I worry about. :P

I hope Jo Chen does the cover for this.
The Season 8 content should really be printed somewhere within the Season 8 trade paperback collections and/or hardcovers. It's a friendlier way to present it to new readers and more comprehensive for those of us who might go back and re-read this stuff one day, but will have forgotten where everything is placed/where it best fits.

But hey, I'm so obsessive about viewing/reading chronology that I'm also of the opinion that they should stick little notes into the Complete Series DVDs, telling us when to switch between Buffy and Angel during Seasons 4 to 7/Seasons 1 to 4. Plus another note stuck somewhere within the later Buffy DVD "pages", or just after the Season 6 portion of the Buffy set, letting folks know to read Fray, just to lessen the potential of the scythe reveal/introduction seeming like such a "What the fuck?" plot contrivance for some viewers at the end of Season 7 (they could even include a digest-sized collection that'd fit into an eventual Complete Buffy/Angel franchise set, plus any other comics that're relevant to the televised portion of the stories like the Buffy Season 3 & 4 bridge, "Haunted"--probably the best thing Jane Espenson's done for comic book Buffy).

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What were the Cloonan & Kessler stories?
I think one was the actual, printed/physically published Tales of the Vampires (the recent, 2009 one, not the other mini-series/collected trade from years ago). Yeah, the Cloonan one involved that dumb emo kid who got vamped and still went on living with his mother. The Kessler stories (really just one, released in two parts, mainly about a couple of vamp ladies who disagree on the disruption of the status quo that Harmony has caused) were much better and probably the best "extras" to address the reveal of vamps to the public and the widespread acceptance of them. So, this collection is the only way to get the Kessler story in print (short of printing your own).
I asked Scott Allie and he says Tales of the Slayers: Broken Bottle of Djinn will be included.
Thanks for that.

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