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August 03 2010

Can you name the episodes of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'? No clues, just 20 minutes to rattle off the title of EVERY episode of "Buffy." Aaaaaaand... GO!

We need a song to help facilitate this like "Fifty Nifty United States" that helps me recite all fifty states in alphabetical order. Oh, probably should learn a song for the presidents, too. (Don't Brits have a song for the royal line?)

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I scored 69. Not sure if that's good or not.
That was WAY harder than I thought it'd be.
Whooo, I scored 131 out of 144 ! I think I would have done it with 5 more minutes. This is a good exercice for your memory. But Buffy is the only show with which I can do this.
I can do them all, so my challenge now is to do them all in the right order, but every time I start to type "helpless" it gives me "help."
I got distracted playing this game and now my oatmeal is cold and lumpy.
118 out of 144.

If only it had been 25 minutes...

That was lots of fun though.
I can't do Buffy-but I can do Angel though:-)
I could do Firefly, if that counts for anything. ;p
I got 70. I actually thought I would do better, but it was hard, especially at 6AM....
Ugh!! It nearly killed me but I just made it. now I think I'm kind of a loser...
I can't believe some of the ones I forgot! I got 86. I'll try again another day when I'm not sleep deprived from studying for finals.

Jackal: Sorry about your oatmeal. :P I can't eat the stuff. It gets congealed too quickly for me to enjoy it.

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That was hard. I only got 42, but considering I haven't watched any Buffy in several years, I'm impressed I got that many.
Special bonus point for those who know the name of the incorrect title of an episode referred to in the Radio Sunnydale sleeve notes.
I got 112, and I'm very disappointed. But this is very fun, thank you to whoever made it!
I did this a couple of weeks ago and got 107. I felt quite proud of that, but I feel that most Whedonesque members would completely own me on this.

Now, give me Dollhouse or Firefly, different story.
I got 128. Completely headdesked when I saw the ones I missed.
About three years ago, I could have rattled them all off in order in less than 5 minutes. Today I got only 58. Most of them were through season 4 because I've rewatched those recently.
Bad fan.
I got 73... and once the names of the episodes that I missed popped up, I hit myself for forgetting them for even an instant.
I got 74 before giving up with 8 minutes left. Completely blanked at seasons 5 and 7, haven't watched them in a while.

Angel version anyone?
Total score: 124, but that's with my wife providing 5-10 answers/reminders.

Unsurprising datum: the most missed episodes (and my own!) overwhelmingly come from seasons 5 and 7.
I got 1 - yay! That was the first one. I don't pay attention to episode titles.
I got 106. I was trying to recall how Doppelgangland was spelled (my spelling arrors swallowed a lot of time) when the time went out. I'm ebarrassed to say that a lot of the episodes I've seen the past few days I couldn't recall. Surprisingly, I had just forgotten Flooded from season 6, my least favorite season.

I've forgotten so much. I used to be so good at knowing all the episodes, in order, able to give short description fo all of them.
I got 70. I missed even the basic, most popular ones. You know the ones I'm talking about.

I feel like a bad fan now. Thanks heartless quiz. :(
137, not too bad. Bonus fun: Eliza Dushku too is addicted to Sporcle.

I got 106 out of 144.

How did you guys type that fast? LOL! eta-never mind. I think I did pretty good, considering that I only use my index fingers and my thumbs to type.

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got 55, that was way harder than I thought it would be. I guess its because its in a vacuum--if someone was actually talking about the episode I could remember the title faster. its funny, I watch seasons 1 and 2 least frequently but they were the seasons with the most easily recalled titles for me (though apparently the season7 ep, Get it Done, is the least often guessed ep, and I got that one.) its also weird, I forgot the name of season 4 premiere and the finales for 6 and 7, premieres and finales are my favorite to rewatch
81 out of 110 on Angel. Only about half of the missed ones made me *headpalm*.

So many Angel episodes are just single words like 'Epiphany', 'Tomorrow', or 'Damage' and I drew blanks on a lot of them.
134 for me. Can't believe I forgot Lies My Parents Told Me, Helpless, and Amends (a Joss episode!).
I GOT ALL OF THEM! WOO! I guess I'm really good at this since I'm a more recent fan, I watched all of the episodes for the first time 2 years ago. Haha, I feel like the biggest BTVS nerd. I wish there was an Angel one, but I definitely wouldn't be able to get all of those.
KaileeA42, there is a Angel one, it was just linked to, here
Now I've gotten All 144 in order with 10:44 mins left, I'm way to entertained by this.

Thanks Skytteflickfan88! I'm going to try that one now!
They have this one too:
It's pretty easy, I did it in 52 seconds.
36 seconds.

35 seconds first time around. 20 seconds after that. This game is fun for typing speed, too. :)
69 correct. Time for a rewatch. ;)
I only got 65 for Angel. =(
And I cheated by using my dvd guidebook on around 7 of them. I guess Angel episodes and their titles aren't as memorable to me for some reason.
21 seconds on a re-try. Emmie, we must now become arch nemesesises...
25 of 27 on Dollhouse. Missed 'Belle Chose' (couldn't think of the title to save my life) and 'Stop Loss' (just not that memorable and part of a double-air week).
Twenty seconds on first try! Woo!
Ouch! 23 of 46 on the last words quotes. Mostly comics moments, but a couple of serious *headpalms*.
All of them with 45 seconds to go! "The Dark Age" took be about my last three minutes.
I got 104. Was about to type in "First Date" and ran out of time.
113. There were a few that I couldn't remember the EXACT wording, like Bring on the Night and such. Could probably get them all if I had more time. When I get super bored at work, I do things like this on scratch paper.

What I want to know is how 77.4% of people got Becoming Part 1, but only 77.2% got Becoming Part 2.
120. It's mostly hard to remember season 4 because I feel like it was more disjointed than the others, thinking of plot points doesn't help that much. Same with 2 and 3 to a lesser degree. Season 5, 6 and 7 are the easiest for me.
144. The final one to recall Dopplegangland of all things.
First time I got 80, second time I got 108, third time I got 121. I am determined to get them all.
104/144. Not too bad, but considering how many times I've seen the episodes I thought I'd know more. Guess it's difficult to think of the titles on the spot.

[ edited by Jossfan_21 on 2010-08-03 21:02 ]
142. Gutted.

Beer Bad, of all infamous episodes, just fell out of my head and Listening To Fear was on the tip of my tongue for the last ten minutes but I just couldn't quite get it!

Great link though.

I missed Helpless, Beneath You, and Never Leave Me. That was hard.
Finally hit 144 on my third try. (131 on the second. Those S5 episode titles just don't stick in my head as well.)
139 in Buffy
81 in Angel

Happier with my Angel showing as I thought I knew only a few, whereas when the Buffy episodes came up I was kicking myself hard (I missed Band Candy, Gingerbread, Passion!, Homecoming and Some Assembly Required). If I didn't know my heart lay with the earlier seasons already, it was confirmed as I quickly listed all of S6, 7 and 5 then had to think over the rest.
117 first time. Then, after quality time spent with a list, 141. Sad, moi?
All first time, with 13.04 left on the clock!
At first I thought I was doing well; but I started to freeze up, blanking on titles of episodes which I completely remembered... I was suprised at blanks in the middle of some of my favorite seasons - though, with some of those, I was watching as they aired and had no idea at the time what the official titles were; occasionally, my guessed/made-up titles came to mind instead of the actual ones... Ultimately, I got 91 in the twenty minutes, which isn't too bad, I suppose, at least as I've sometimes thought my memory of the titles was a little faulty.

I'm going to give it another try in a couple of hours, with a fresh mind (and little boys in bed - though he didn't distract me much). May try the Angel, too - several of those titles came to mind during this, too. Fun, for sure - thanks for the find, Julio!
Managed to get all of BTVS in order with 12:45 minutes to spare!
I got 52/144. :/ Darn.
Just noticed that the most correctly guessed Dollhouse episodes are Epitaph One and Echo, both of which were unaired. Strikes me as funny is all.
For the characters last words I keep thinking of the actor. It took me forever why Amy wouldn't work for Fred's last words.

I'm off to do the episode title game. I know I can name all the episodes in order but the last time I did it I was on a train from Nice to Barcelona so I had plenty of time.
My friend and I worked together and we got them all :)
Sort of on topic, but I'm constantly surprised by how well Whedonesque fans know episode titles (and not just episode titles of Whedonverse shows). Maybe it's just the sites I frequent, but in my experience, most people outside of Whedonesque seem to ignore (or, at least, not pay much attention to) episode titles. (Going even further, most don't seem to pay attention to who wrote a particular episode the way Whedonesque'ers do, either.) Obviously, I'm not saying that's a bad thing (it's impressive, actually)- it's just my observation that most don't seem to find those things important.

I really wish ALL television shows would prominently display the title of every single episode they air, like Doctor Who and...and...well, I can't think of any other shows currently that do that. Relying on the on-screen Guide display windows to show the title just isn't good enough- often the title is cut off due to length, missing altogether, or just plain wrong. When Buffy originally aired, I didn't even know the title of most of the episodes because on-screen Guides weren't prominent at that time. The only way to be certain that your viewers get to see what your episode is actually called is to display it on screen during the credits, along with the name of the writer who crafted that episode.
116 for me. I'll take it though.

LKW I was right there with you. I hit a wall at 98 and could think of the episode and what happened but just not the title. I'm one of those fans that loves S6 and S4 but couldn't fill out those seasons when I got S1 in order right away and S2 and S3 completely filled in.
106. I forgot fairly obvious ones, too, like "The Prom." I am deeply shamed. I did, however, get all of seasons 1 and 2 perfect.

Season 7, on the other hand... well, a lot of those in the middle kinda blend together in my head, yeah?

And all those "temporary deaths" over on the "last words" quiz make it rather unfair.
I used to do this as a memory game to distract me when I was running and thinking of stopping and walking. Of course it did kind of slow me down a little bit.

What about 24 fans??? ;-)

And I only managed 68...which is why I'm planning a rewatch shortly!
Got 'em all. Only tough ones for me were in S5, for some reason; "Out of my Mind", "No Place Like Home" and (especially) "Tough Love".
I got 144 out of 144 with 09 minutes and 43 seconds left to spare. Is this a bad thing? I marathon buffy ALOT!
On my third try I got 137. The ones I missed were all ones I'd remembered on previous tries, so that's frustrating. Maybe I'll try once more, later.
88. Bummer, I too can't believe some of the ones I missed. I only got 4 for season 7 and couldn't even remember the title of the grand finale. That's what having a season on VHS will do to you.
The fact that I'm not the only one to:
a) enjoy this test immensely
b) take it twice and plan on taking it until I get them all
c) already have attempted to do so on a piece of paper just for fun
convinces me that I have found my foreverhome here with you people. *happy sigh*
Also -- I got 90 on my first attempt, and 121 on my second.
Second time around I paid attention and realized that I got all ss 1 & 3, missed a total of three on 2 and 4, and ss 5 and 7 in particular were spotty. In my defense, I haven't watched the later Buffy seasons in close to a year. And I don't even dare to take the Angel one yet. One of the few I do remember is No place like sumpin' sumpin', and I could perfectly well get stuck on that for ten minutes out of sheer irritation.
On the Angel quiz, they have very thoughtfully set it so that it gives it to you as soon as you get to "There's no place like". It still took me a while because I was leaving off the first word.
I used to do this as a memory game to distract me when I was running
foreverwes | August 04, 03:20 CET

That may be fine for those lucky enough to be coordinated (read, able to walk and chew gum at the same time). But for we who are super-klutzes, not so much.

A few years ago when doing a re-watch, I was pondering the order of eps in (can't remember which season) as I got out of the shower. I stepped in a little puddle of water, my feet flew out from under me, I landed with my full weight on one kneecap while twisting the other knee, and ended up having surgery on both knees, for torn meniscus discs'.

This is, I swear to whatever deities may or may not be, a true story. :_)
99 I actually remembered some I thought I would have forgotten, and remembered some I thought I was going to forget.

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