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August 03 2010

Scott Allie apologizes to crew behind the Serenity fan film "Bellflower". The Dark Horse editor acknowledges the unintentional influence of the fans' work on the comic Serenity: Float Out.

FWIW, he also apologized publicly at the Browncoats meeting room on the final day of Comic-Con.
I think it's classy of Scott Allie to apologize twice in public and public-er.
Agreed, Pointy. Scott's very honest and upfront about his work, plus he's certainly shown much consideration for the fans.
Scott Allie's awesome. We've spent so much time with this image of studio executives lurking behind the shadows waiting to drop the axe while Joss does his TV work that this kind of classiness is really quite refreshing.
Thank you, Scott.
I'm putting a link to this thread somewhere so I remember it cause you know how things pop up later on the internet again and again and you thought it was resolved and you have to find it...

Now I have to track down where I first read about this and see that the apology is noted there.
Scott has been wonderful through this process. He has treated the artists and myself with respect and dignity. I so appreciate it.
The Bell was born purely from a love of firefly.
Many people, achademy award winning compositors, award winning composers, artists from matrix and harry potter, to young people off the street; have put alot of years into trying to bring the bell to life.
Our DOP David "Holden" Crynes continued to film whilst suffering a rare liver cancer. he was 32 and died shortly after filming was complete. he did it for the love of firefly.
Apart from people's time, I have personally paid for every cost of this film. We at the bell had pleadged that not one cent would ever be recieved for this film. and money offered, has been re-directed by the party offering, to cancer research. I know it isnt an established firefly charity, but it is personal to us.
I would like to thank Scott for understanding; that the bell means alot to us, is personal to us and is our expresson of the love we have for firefly. We hope to share it with you all one day.
Kindest Regards
Mark James

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