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August 03 2010

Gina Torres reveals her Firefly fantasy. She also chats about her new show Huge and even Cleopatra 2525 in this interview with the New York Post's PopWrap.

In the year 2525, there are women with the will to survive ~~~~~
Zoe was pregnant when all that went down and sheís got this little beige, curly red headed baby running around the ship. Jayneís trying to teach him about Vera [laughs] and he and I fight because I think the kid should learn about guns from me. Kaylie & Simon are very happy. Itís a better-verse. And Mal, well, Malís still just a little twisted. His communication skills have not improved. But heís a good uncle Mal and I just think weíre all still flying. Iím by his side. Thatís Zoe.

I love that, and I've got pretty much that exact version of future Zoe and the rest in my head. -sigh- Hm. Maybe I'll start watching Huge, it actually sounds pretty decent.
Uhm, has anyone else read Serenity: Float Out from Dark Horse comics? Since it's still exec-produced by Joss, I'm assuming it's canon?
In fact, if I recall correctly, that particular part of Float Out came directly from Joss.
I'm glad she loves Cleo, that show was tons of fun and actually had a lot of varied and decent science fiction plots in it without taking itself seriously. And it was all strictly science like Dollhouse was, which I love. No supernatural stuff, no religion, etc. Even when you think it might be supernatural, turns out science is actually the cause.
Come on guys, it's Gina fantasy. So it doesn't have to be canon. It was her character so she can wish what she wants. I'm with her.
madmolly, have you by chance read "Float Out"? I think what the other posters are saying is that Gina's fantasy and the actual 'verse canon as recently established... are... in fact...

Oh bother, where are the spoiler tags...? :)

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I'm glad Gina's coming around to the fun of Cleo, I loved that show because it was such trash. There was so little good SF on at the time and much of that was less than hilarious. I thought it was a lot of fun and a perfect pairing with Bruce Campbell's Jack of All Trades. I took Cleo with me to Toronto on CSTS weekend and Lioness took the high road, wondering what on earth I saw in it. Well, I found humor and adventure and a crazy-good actress named Gina.
madmolly, sorry for the misunderstanding. It's more like (SPOILER if you know what I'm quoting here):
{what Dread Pirate Westley replied when Buttercup pushed him down the hillside on 'Princess Bride'}
I took Cleo with me to Toronto on CSTS weekend and Lioness took the high road, wondering what on earth I saw in it.

I don't think Lioness has a leg to stand on, 'Take the High Road' was pretty trashy too.

... What ?

(to me 'Cleopatra 2525' was kind of like a much lighter general audience version of 'Lexx' if anyone remembers that. Odd and campy and fun in a guilty pleasure sort of way. And putting my straight male hat on for a second, there were also a number of other fairly obvious attractions ;)
I have to admit, I'd watch Jack and avoid Cleopatra. Though one of the actresses used to live upstairs at my inlaws. (Vicki Pratt)
I really hope Gina read "Float Out"...

Such a good book.
Finally just read "Float Out" yesterday, so good on me for not reading this until today!
"Cleo" was one of my favourite shows because it was High Camp of the highest order.
I wanted to be Hell. I wanted to run up the sides of walls and come out of a running sommersault with laser guns blazin'.
I wanted to look like that in rubber hot pants and a bra!
(And if I did look like she did in that costume, I'd'a been wearin' it to the grocery store and everywhere else!)
Seeing, and loving, Gina's turns on Hercules and Xena made me want to watch Firefly the minute I saw the teasers for the show.
(And I've loved her husband since PeeWee's Playhouse!)
Love ya, Gina!

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