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August 03 2010

Joss wants to direct more Glee. In an interview about plans for Glee Season 2, Ryan Murphy explains that Joss wants to direct another episode of Glee -- after Avengers wraps.

Since Avengers is slated for 2012 it could be a while before we see another Joss-directed ep of Glee, though.

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Sigh. You know, I am really happy that he is able to do stuff he wants, but I still don't like Glee. Oh well.

ETA: a missing do.

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More Joss anywhere!! I loved his Glee ep(although I wish there was a lot more Brittany!!) He even made Glee sad for me. Damn you Joss, damn you in the greatest way possible!!
I for one welcome our new Glee-directing Joss overlord... wait, where am I?
I love 'Glee' but actually I'm surprised that everyone is so confident that 'Glee' will still be around in 2012 (after Joss finishes with 'Avengers'). I hope it is! And that Joss gets to direct an awesome Brittany episode.
Well it's already renewed for 2 new seasons I think, so I guess it's pretty much in the bag.
Not wild about Glee, but super stoked that Joss is getting so much work. I will hold onto my dreams of another Joss-helmed TV series though. Sigh.
Glee will definitely be around in 2012 and beyond barring a major catastrophe. It is already sold into syndication starting in 2013.
Wait a minute – didn't he say a while ago that he didn't want to direct shows that weren't his because he loved them too much and didn't want to know spoliers about them? Or am I just making this up?
Was gonna comment on the same thing kumarhk. :) I'm cool with it anyway because A) I like Glee, B) Joss' episode was good stuff and C) I forget what I was going to write but it's okay because if Joss wants to do it then COO.
I think Joss's comment about the spoilers was tongue-in-cheek. That would be really silly if directors let the fear of spoilers get in the way of a job.
I go back and forth on Glee. Sometimes it's kind of brilliant, and sometimes it's so corny it makes me want to gouge out my own eyeballs. The pilot episode was easily one of the best first episodes of a series I've ever seen, and I thought it was consistently great up through the Winter hiatus, but then when it came back it felt almost like a different show, kind of dumbed down a bit. It still had moments of brilliance, but the characters as a whole stopped acting like real people and started acting like caricatures. I don't know. Am I just being a hipster about Glee?
Adam Shankman is directing an episode. Looking forward to that, wasn't he the choreographer for OMWF? And the Brittany episode sounds like fun.
dance4days, I thought the same thing. Although the corniness doesn't bother me whatsoever, and in fact, sometimes adds to my overall enjoyment of the show, the difference in quality between the first half and back nine episodes of the first season was palpable. I felt most of the characters had very little direction in the back nine and the sole large 'arc' over those episodes, Rachel and Jesse, was mishandled terribly. Bad Reputation and Dream On were the only two episodes that I felt maintained the quality of the first half of the season.
Well, as Ryan said they went large in the back nine and I think that they've responded to the general dissatisfaction with that decision. I'm glad to hear that they plan to scale back in the fall, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they deal with the Finn and Kurt situation. (almost used a / there, but then decided not to, cause...)
I love Glee - and would be super psyched if Joss directed another ep.
And would be great if Felicia Day was in that ep.
Joss officially has my permission to do another episode of Glee.

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