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August 03 2010

FX President Landgraf talks about that legendary lunch with Joss. Remember the one? Find out what it was really all about!

Sounds like a neat lunch! Joss ought to hold "Eat Lunch With Joss" charity auctions, with all the apparent honor, theories, and shenanery associated with them.

Really, though, I love how FX's president seems open to a Joss show; I think that if Joss decides he wants to make another show, and manages to find the time, magic could happen.
FX and Joss is perfection. Before people wanted him to do HBO, but I think this would be better for his type of show. Hope it works out.
Going with someone like FX is what he should have done years ago. I sincerely hope he comes up with another idea to take there.
Landgraf is a great down-to-earth guy who any writer would be lucky to work with and a Joss Whedon show on FX would be a match made in heaven.
Follow-up on Lunch-gate? Neat. (That was such an epic thread.)

It needs a snappy title.

Lunch-gate 2: The Appetizer's Revenge

Joss said something about having a cable mentality in one of his Comic-Con panels, right? Can we begin random speculation?
It's so nice to hear that Joss is welcome back to our tvs in the future. Just knowing he has the option with a great cable network and a very levelheaded reasonable nice guy makes me smile. :)

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Since Goners takes place in the dark underbelly of the city, I think a Goners series would be perfectly gritty for FX.
What, nothing about the lobster, champagne, and cigars after lunch?! ... Yeah, I think FX would be a right good place for Joss. Or, he could just do films. Lots and lots of genre films.
Cabri, I'm sorry to bring up the harsh reality of us still not having Goners, but could you post the place where you got the remotest amount of info on it please? I got nothing but hope, dreams and some fresh air.
Sorry, BlueSkies, but every bit of info I have is from way back in 2005/6 and is posted here in the Goners category. We gonersarians mostly have the exact same thing as you - hope, dreams and ... well, 2/3 ain't bad. FREE GONERS!
Oh man, got my hopes all high. Meh, maybe someday...FRESH AIR!!
Via the Internet Archive, my old compilation of everything Joss said about what Goners was. Meanwhile, FREE GONERS.

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FX seems a natural fit for Joss' work. I don't see him as an HBO kinda guy, not that I haven't enjoyed a few of their productions or anything. He's not into sex or language for shock value for example, and HBO productions seem to rely on that. (Currently loving True Blood, regardless of it all.) I can't think of a better network for Joss TV. Aside from BSG and Caprica, everything else on SighFy is just, well, you know. NOT GOOD. Okay, except the original Ghost Hunters. :D
In light of the things Landgraf has to say, I think Joss may be an FX kind of guy after all. Everyone keeps bringing up HBO, but what about AMC? Joss is certainly an AMC kind of guy. This is the network that's about to bring us our first Zombie drama for TV. I think Joss would be a perfect fit there too.
Yeppity, FX sure does sound like a good fit - for something, sometime, when Jossir gets a breather. ('Cause in addition to, you know, that BIGGY I hear tell that's coming up, I remember there was some talk of a feature film with Eliza - in addition to everything else...)

And yes! Universal, hear our cry! Free Goners!

"ON FX this fall - from the dark underbelly of our urban landscape comes a thrilling fantasy series so powerful, so heartbreaking, so gritty, so tender, so horrific, we could only call it going, going: G☹NERS.

I think it was silvius that came up with our Gonerses rallying slogan: "Free Goners or we'll storm the Winter Palace!"
Man speaks sense, maybe one day they can do something (assuming Joss gets bored of being King of the World post Avengers and feels like going back to TV). And how many comments in are we with no-one mentioning that Joss could, possibly, maybe have written for a frikkin' 'Powers' TV series ? For shame people, for shame. This morning your comment-fu is not strong.
I can just see Joss, his left arm (he is right-handed, right?) flung casually over the back of his chair, the bacon on the end of his fork (because you know there was bacon) in imminent peril of being flung across the room as he gesticulates while discussing what he'd do with Powers if he were writing the show. Suddenly his bacon droops. He carefully sets the fork back on the edge of the plate, leans forward with both forearms on the table, and earnestly apologizes for not being able to work with Landgraf because, delightful gods in heaven above, he is currently in talks with Marvel to maybe write and direct The Avengers. Landgraf's face falls, but he summons up a smile and a nod, says no problem, who wouldn't want to write and direct The Avengers? Chairs push back, hands shake, and the bacon slowly wilts as the two men go their separate ways.
There, now, that's handled. The wilting bacon is a nice touch, Cabby - very evocative.

I believe there must've been some gouda, as well. I understand there's always gouda, or it's not official.
Perhaps Landgraf had some chicken, apple, and gouda sausage? It was a very breakfasty lunch.
Evocative indeed. Now I feel bad for the bacon. Poor wee thing never really got a chance to fulfil its potential.

I understand there's always gouda, or it's not official.

Yep, under California law no lunch can be called such without gouda, nor is any non-gouda so-called lunch in any way binding either legally, morally or nutritively*.

* wow, no red underlining. Who knew 'nutritively' was an actual word ?
mmm,gouda. I am just so happy to finally have "Official word" about Avengers, but I would also love me some Joss on my TV every week. This sounds like an open-ended invite to me!
This kind of makes me sad. I want Joss on TV soo bad!

While I'm happy and excited about The Avengers, it's just disappointing to think that we're going to be waiting another two years and all we're going to get is two hours of Jossness.

Free Goners! And I believe that Joss is left handed, is he not?
Very nice description of the missing part of the lunch, Cabri. I'm sure it went just that way.
Landgraf does seem to be a fan of Joss's. I'm sure he has lunch with many people. He doesn't talk about most of them. But this one, he makes public. A public wooing.
I can't wait for original Jossness. I mean, I knew there was a reason that The Avengers was just not as exciting for me as this here little piece of info; it's not Joss's! The characters are already made, the actors are mostly already in position. The story, while it will be new, still has some told elements. But this, THIS little piece of bacon has me all giddy and up inside!
Thanks for the bacon talk Cabri!!
I really appreciated FX showing all the Buffy episodes before the DVDs came out because it allowed me to catch up and refresh on them as the series progressed, so it's cool to hear the pres is still a fan. Certainly the way they've treated Louis CK has been great, so maybe this is a place someone like Joss can live!
"So my hope is that next time he thinks about a TV show, he'll think about us.

A gazillion tons of YES!!! .... please!
But....what did they eat??

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Someone forgot to close their italics tag.

ETA: Heh. Simon is very quick and efficient.

And the general fanon seems to be that they had bacon.

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Yep, droopy bacon. And gouda.

(if we need someone to make it official I nominate cabri as The Canonator)
Seconded. cabri's bacon description left me with an urge to masticate.
Landgraf sounds like one of those few network execs that really gets it. FX definitely sounds like it would be a great nurturing environment for a Joss show. Maybe after Avengers? (I love Joss movies, but I need my weekly fix!)
I keep confusing gouda with -shudder-- gruyer, but I guess they're not similar much are they?
No, not that similar. I like both. I'm non-denominational in the worshiping of my cheese. Which I do not wear.
I feel kinda bad now that Landgraf didn't get a chance to wave his chicken, apple, and gouda sausage. However, Joss seems like a bacon-waving kind of guy when it comes to expounding on the secrets of the universe. Well, the universe in his mind, which is the only universe we care about here, right?

Unfortunately I fear I cannot resolve canonical inquiries, I'm strictly a theoretical refectorologist.

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