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August 03 2010

Nathan Fillion American Library Association Poster finally available for purchase. So you can stop bothering the poor people at ALA about where is the NF poster.

CHINDI on finally found it on the ALA website.

If your friendly local librarian has some empty wall space, buy them a present. Won't they be surprised...because all we usually give them are books and Firefly/Serenity dvds.

I am totally asking for that for my birthday!
Was I dreaming back about ten years back, or was there a Tony Head as Giles poster for the ALA? I have a distinct memory of it, but I've never found any proof of its existence online since.
Good cause and the lad Fillion posters up real nice. But if it's a choice between Nathan and Rachel McAdams then sorry Cap but from now on, when I read I Read for Rachel™.
There's one hanging in my nephew's bedroom, and I'm taking one back to Korea with me to hang in my classroom! And, of course, I've got one rolled up on a tube in my closet! :D
Highly considering purchasing this!
ETA: Here's a link to the list of all the celebrities that have been on these posters (I don't see anyone else from the Whedonverse, but it's an interesting list).

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Oops - I got a notification a few days ago from ALA Graphics that it was available - didn't think to post it.

Tis Shiny!

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