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August 04 2010

Artwork for the Dollhouse Season 2 R2 DVD and Blu-ray. It's a variation of the US cover. The Dollhouse Complete Collection will also be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Extras include a trailer, stills and syndicated cast interviews.

Does the R2 version not include any commentaries?
The two commentaries got approved by the BBFC so the R2 DVD will have them. There will also be a Best Moments extra, outtakes and a roundtable retrospective.
Eww that cover. I'm thankful for the R1 cover now, because we could have got that one instead.
I LOVE that cover, even better than the US one, I am SO glad the UK is getting the BR releases too, i'm very excited to see the complete series BR <3
Here's the Japan cover. I want it! It's way better than all the others I think.
Huh, strange how taste varies on a simple design. R1 Echo seems more closed off, and Japanese Echo more vulnerable; I think I prefer the R2 cover (and I'm in Europe).

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