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August 04 2010

Vote for Giles or Topher. SFX are doing a bunch of polls to celebrate their 200th issue. Under "Sages, Boffins and Mentors" you can vote for either Giles or Topher.

Wanted to vote for Giles as Mentor AND Topher as Boffin but couldn't. Life is so full of such difficult decisions, hmmm!
You can also vote for your favorite hero, heroine and more.
Not the best category in the world, there's too big a difference between the constituent parts (i.e. boffin should be a separate category). Couldn't really vote for that reason (because since Topher's a boffin and Giles is a sage/mentor it'd amount to picking a favourite between the characters themselves. Which is too hard). And in what way is Vetinari a Sage, Boffin or Mentor ?

Nope, SFX fail. I've a good mind to write to my MP over this disgrace and affront.
I agree, completely different worlds here.
Had to vote GIles, eventhough I loved Topher, and the categories are too broad, Giles just has to win. ASH is my guilty pleasure.
Am I the only one who has no idea what a "boffin" is? At any rate, putting Topher in the same category as Giles and Galdalf, means there has to be something wrong with this poll.
Actually, I'm have less faith in these polls for that very reason.

Hold the phone, "boffin" isn't in the Macmillan dictionary. Damn, must be a defective dictionary, my Gods!
It's in the free internet MacMillans 'Hatter (albeit not quite 100% correct). Merriam Webster is pretty much spot on though.
I went to the page all set, because while I love Topher, if forced to choose between him and Giles, it is not a hard decision. But then I got to the list and came across Doc Brown! I did still vote for Giles, but it was more agonizing to do so.
Did no one see you can also vote for ASH as Uther Pendragon?
Voted for Giles. I love Topher, but he doesn't stand a chance against Giles.
Internet MacMillans? Oh. Ohh!

I stand corrected. Thanks!
I never heard the word Boffin either. Unless its the present tense of the verb slang Boff (having sex).
According to Wikipedia it's a British slang word for scientist.
Voted for Giles. What I don't understand is why Wesley is in the heroes category but Angel isn't. Perhaps he's lurking in the "Monsters" category that gives me a 404 not found.
"Bagginses and Boffins..."

I'm just saying.
Not a hard decision. Topher was great and all, but his two seasons of sped up character development (which, granted, was by far my favorite Dollhouse character arc) can't hold a candle to the Giles we saw and loved for seven seasons.

Some of the other choices were harder. Voted for Buffy in heroine (even though I prefer, for instance, Willow), as she's the most iconic in the bunch. Had to pick Mal in heroes, even though I loved Wesley's arc most of any in any Whedon series. (Probably). But then Mal's my favorite 'main character' in all of Whedon's shows (although it's a thin margin with Angel).

And yes. The lists make no sense. But then: they never do. So there's that. Plus, I enjoy clicking and voting ;). Here's hoping some of the whedonverse picks make it through.
I do love Giles, but I can't in good faith choose him over Obi-Wan or Gandalf.

Surely Yoda should be in this category.

[ edited by ZodKneelsFirst on 2010-08-05 09:53 ]
He's in the "Green Dudes That Kick Ass" category with The Hulk and Kermit.

(it's on another, more fictional page)

As they say, they apparently went through their forums and totted up who had the most votes/mentions to determine the final "nominees". Not a fool-proof method but less insane than some I suppose.
And Lorne, of course.

And Grotbags.

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