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August 04 2010

The Ugly Truth About the JJ Panel. In which Joss clears things up, corrects oversights, and maketh the lame to walk.

Hi puppies!

So I saw the NYTimes article about 3D, in which I am clearly against it after having said I love it. Frustrating. Anyone at that panel would have heard more about why I think it's a delightful, immersive experience and particularly right for the little art film I'm making (though NOT for the little art film Drew made.)

And speaking of Drew, he also pointed out that I misrepresented him and Brian K Vaughan, and for that I am truly sorry. They never had an agument about who was more pathetic, comic book nerds or magic nerds. It was DUNGEONS & DRAGONS nerds vs magic nerds, and it was about who was COOLER. (And I carp about the Times' reporting.)

But just so we're clear: D&D cooler. JJ, BKV, NPH... great guys -- great guys! -- but... no dungeon masters, that's all I'm saying.

Finally, I realized that Drew had sent me a list of fan questions specifically for me and JJ to address at the panel. I never got a chance to share them, so I'm printing up the missive he sent. Discuss among yourselves. I'm going back to assemblage. Great things in store. Over to Drew:

Hey Guys,

I've been getting a lot questions from fans about today's panel. They asked me if you could forward them to today's moderator. I told them I would, because it's really important to respect the fans. Here you go:

1. You guys have both worked with Drew Goddard extensively. That's really cool. [ed. note. Not technically a question.]

2. Which one of you loves Drew Goddard more?

3. Have either of you noticed that before you met Drew Goddard, you were both moderately successful cult television producers, but then after you met him, your careers went into the stratosphere?

4. Remember all those episodes that Drew Goddard wrote for you? Those were amazing.

5. If Star Trek and Buffy got in a fight, who would win?

6. JJ, why has there been no Cloverfield 2? Do you not like making money?

7. Joss, why did you kill Tara? Do you hate lesbians?

8. JJ, do you hate lesbians?

9. In today's gold-rush, retro-consumer culture of pre-packaged branded entertainment, do you feel an obligation to create original material?

10. Follow up question: Captain Kirk/Thor would never wear that color of Starfleet uniform/tunic! Are you TRYING to destroy my life?

11. JJ, as a producer, could you explain to Joss how to get a movie released? Thank you.

12. Seriously, JJ, what's the deal with that island?

and finally

13. If you two had to fight in a cage for the opportunity to kiss Drew Goddard, who would win and why? Please no snarky answers. This is serious.

That's the first batch. I'll make sure and forward you anything else the fans sent me. Without them, we wouldn't be here.


Haha those questions are fantastic.
Oh Joss, you just made my month.
Buffy would totally kick Star Trek's butt. The hole Starfleet would get a whooping.
11 Makes me laugh so hard, but also a little sad.
Yeah, 11 made me snort. That was quickly followed by a sad face.
All of these questions made me smile. Which is hard to do at the moment. I'm all tense over the Prop 8 ruling scheduled for today.
Here's a better question:

If Sydney Bristow and Buffy got into a fight, who would win and why?

That one's actually kinda tough to answer.
Ha! Oh how I've missed Joss posts.
Yay Purple Prose!
I think it's pretty obvious that no one likes lesbians. I'm just going to rewatch the last season of Xena now.
Drew Goddard owes me a kiss! 'cause I stayed totally unspoiled for the last season of "Angel." Well, actually, not to put too fine a point on it, but for most of the series. But it was only the last season that mattered to our Ultimate Drew. I remain his humble minion, although orange does nothing for my skin tone.

But on the whole subject of 3D - I'm totally against it. 1) It gives me a headache. B) Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon, whether or not the movie "needs" it, and III) 3D TVs are way too expensive for most normal people to afford, so what good does it do to produce a movie in 3D when the DVDs can't be?

And...does a movie ever really need to be in 3D? Can't the story, the dialogue and the acting pull you into that world? 'cause...worked for me for seven years with "Buffy." Just sayin'.

As for #7....Joss is actually D'Hoffryn. Doesn't anyone realize that? Except he goes for the kill AND the pain, 'cause...he kills those we love to cause us pain.
I noticed that Joss deftly avoided actually answering Drew's questions. What is he trying to hide? I think this may be a purposeful slight. And after ignoring the Comic Con panel topic which I believe was supposed to be all about Drew...

I'm anticipating "Revenge of the Drew." It could get ugly. Drew knows his monsters.
In response to question 7, I don't think it's that Joss hates lesbians. It's that he hates happiness and joy. And teddy bears. And little puppy dogs.
those drew goddard episodes (of buffy and angel, at least) were indeed amazing.

hi joss!
My question, if the First got into a fight with the Smoke Monster, who would win?
#5 Star Trek!!! *runs and hides*
11. JJ, as a producer, could you explain to Joss how to get a movie released? Thank you.
I laugh only to dull the pain.
Yes! Joss validates my claim that D&D nerds are cooler. This day rules.
I told y'all we were pets. :)
Joss, thank you so much for Dollhouse! It's my favorite show that's ever existed!
Glad Joss cleared that up. Jeez, you can't trust any journalists these days.

Fun questions. And, yes, #11 is a little sad.
Does this mean that Joss is now in the hard "Whedonesque and hunger" phase of screenwriting on Avengers? Hope so, then we might hear a little more from him for some time ahead.
You know, if you get headaches or experience nausea while watching a 3D movie it could be an indication that you should get your eyes checked. There are some vision anomalies that people manage to cope with every day (and that therefore go undetected) that might be causing the problem.

/end public service announcement
Yay a Joss post!! Oh Joss, we miss you around here!!
Ah, misrepresentation in the media. That's never happened before!!
Fun questions, 7 and 12 were my favorites.
I love you Joss. Suckyish mood evaporated. :D

(But right there with ya, b!X.)
Wait, didn't Drew Goddard send this question...

14. Do you think Drew Goddard is a handsome writer?
Otherwise, the panel with you and JJ Abrams had been YouTube'd into infinity. The NY Times could have checked what you said about 3-D.
That being said, do you still have faith in 3-D knowing Justin Beiber will soon have his own 3-D movie (mainly because Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers had 3-D conert movies too, and I guess Justin thinks he has to catch up)?
And, don't you think Hollywood should put more effort into making scripts that are 3-D, or even 23,693-D? Worked for Inception
Yeah, saw the article and was puzzled.

Timeline: you said you like 3D, in direct terms.
A week later: newspaper says you hate 3D.
My day is made better. But does the fact that these questions did not get forwarded mean that JJ &/or Joss do not respect the fans? AHHH. The pain.
You know I was sure that Joss hated lesbians until RTD did Torchwood: Children of Earth and now I've moved onto being sure that Russell hates the gays.

JJ hates everybody except for magicians. Alakazaam!
Joss, how we've missed you!
Uh-oh. Does this mean you're procrastinating? Wait a minute, I'm here. Does this mean I'm procrastinating? Huh. Feeling a little peckish, too.
I don't really understand being anti 3D. Don't they usually release a 2D version as well? So you don't have to see it in 3D if you don't want to? People will vote with their wallets, and an equilibrium will be reached where not every movie is automatically converted. I'm trying to decide if I want to see Toy Story 3 in 3D or not...

Was there a backlash when movies started to be made in colour? There aren't that many instances when colour is absolutely essential to the story.
Wait, who's Drew Goddard?

Now that I think of it, who's this Joss Whedon?

And where the hell am I?

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That NY Times article did take me aback a bit when I saw a picture of yourself and JJ under the headline. The actual article did quote the "I love it" line, but it was quite misleading.

For once though, this is one time I have to be on JJ's side against Whedon. I don't care for 3D and have not watched a film where I felt it necessary. The only time I have ever been slightly won over by the effect was during the Pixar short for Toy Story 3, 'Day and Night,' where the world behind the 2D figures really appeared to have depth. The mix of the two forms of animation created something very special. Beyond shorts that use it for a very particular reason, I can't see any reason why a film would benefit from things coming out of the screen at me.

The thought of 3D TVs is one that makes me shudder in horror. Having to buy a pair of glasses for every single person who is going to watch the screen is a ludicrous idea that I can't see many people taking up.

But then you win me over again with the Drew questions.

(Oh, this the first Joss post since I've been a member. I'm one step closer to making my man-crush a reality.)

Edit: I've just noticed the "not attractive" tag. Joss - the gift that just keeps on giving.

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Ahhhh Purple man you're back! Thank you very much for clearing up those egregious mistakes, for my soul was full of woe. /overdramatic

And Buffy would kick Star Trek's ass, but Sydney Bristow... maaaan that's tough. Actually, that would be an epic fight I would love to see. J's, can you get on that? Or you know, fanvid maker? Anybody? Bueller?
Thanks Joss.
You just blew my cover for reading the site at work, as I burst out laughing at question 11.

Ah well, it was worth it.
Thanks, Purple One! It's great to have a post from you :) Keep on Trekkin'... (er...Avengin'...?)
What a thrill to visit Whedonesque and find a purple post! It has been ages... and I've been eating my heart out (ewww). So now that Joss has cured my lameness (more or less) I guess I'll stop procrastinating and get something done for a change.
Hi Joss! Hearing from you here after your busy period is like drinking cold, delicious, pure water from a mountain stream after being lost in the desert for ages. Great questions from Drew - for the one continually lobbed at you, all I can say is, I'm sure you don't hate lesbians, and no one should ... or witches, which you have already addressed in a musical something er other.

Keep on keeping on, Joss. Avengers, mystery project, someday CITW. It is protein for fan brains.
Buffy would beat Star Trek ? What colour is the sky above your crack pipe, citizens of Maniacia ?? Trek has Kirk, Picard, Mrs Columbo, that guy from 'Quantum Leap' and the Borg. The the Borg !! Two exclamation marks, people, that's how serious the Borg are about universal domination. Buffy would totally be assimilated. And then Batman would kick all their asses. Truth.

Ah Purple Postage, world slides back into alignment, cheers for that Boss. And assemblages being assembled, gives me the warm fuzzies.

(really can't believe no-one asked Drew if God exists, talk about a missed opportunity and must admit i'm slightly disappointed that the moderator didn't forward my question "If you could be anyone other than Drew Goddard or Drew Goddard's doppleganger from a parallel universe then what would be the point in going on ?")
ShadowQuest: yup, he also owes one to me. i also stayed spoiler free.

another question lol: why is it that there are no Drew and Joss Twitter accounts? :P
Ah the purple prose returns, thanks for straightening that 3D thing up for us Joss.

Personally I don't enjoy watching 3D - wearing two pairs of glasses simultaneously is no fun, and it gives me a headache.

[ edited by The Do That Girl on 2010-08-04 20:37 ]
There is a Drew account. It's just the other Drew. :-)
Star Trek vs. Buffy? My sister and I have discussed this in depth. First of all, it must usually be qualified that Buffy start out on the ship; if she's on the planet, and the enterprise in orbit, they could just pick people off with precision phasers. Anyways, after that, once Buffy and gang were on the ship, Willow would be very busy, as she'd have to do something to stop the phasers, make some sort of barrier. So long as Willow can neutralize the technology to the point where Buffy can whip out her hand to hand, she'd be mostly fine. She might find some challenge if Worf brought a Bat'leth along, but other than that, if Willow can keep the technological advantage at bay, Buffy's gang would probably win, and if not, the Enterprise's crew would probably win. So really its probably all up to Willow.
But what if Drew Goddard got in a fight with Jean-Luc Godard?
Princessofdarkness Yeah? Well...I'm STILL spoiler free for the last season! 'cause I didn't see it. Or the fourth, third or second season, for that matter. Sigh.

And...I hope this isn't blasphemous, but...Drew is more my god than Joss, 'cause Drew actually gave me suggestions for my writing back when he would post on the Bronze. (For instance, he recommended "more zombies.") There's a reason I'm his minion. Well, aside from his being freakishly tall and, to borrow a line from an episode of Quantum Leap, "Terminally gorgeous."

ETA: They were posts personally directed to me, not just generic "If you want to be a writer" posts.

The Do That Girl I'm right there with you with the 2 pairs of glasses.
#11, I laughed then I cried!
Personally I don't enjoy watching 3D - wearing two pairs of glasses simultaneously is no fun, and it gives me a headache.

My feelings precisely.
You've been missed purple prose man :)
If Star Trek can use their Phasers AND co-opt The the Borg(sic) can Buffy mount her Sith on a Dalek?

And when did JJ ever kill a Lesbian? You what now? Oh that poor Polar Bear.
Wait, the Polar Bear was a Lesbian? No wonder I had trouble understanding 'Lost'.
Yeah! A Purple Post! This just made my day. Now the 12 hours (and I do mean 12 hours) of Latin homework that I am about to start doesn't seem so daunting!
Joss Whedon! I missed you! I find it interesting that none of Drew's questions mention Nathan Fillion. He clearly is the only person in Hollywood who matters as much as you do.

(I've not been listening to Commentary! the Musical a lot or anything.)
Fantastic questions. They really bite the bullet and ask about the important truths. My world is made brighter.
Yay! Purple Prose! It's been so long! So glad to see the Joss in the black again.

I was under the impression that the smoke monster was a lesbian as well.
joss: I think most of us ex-fans already know the answer to that, err, certain question, we just don't forgive you for it :-).

Since I only watch DVDs a t home 3-D is meaningless to me.
now buffy meets Docter Who is a crossover i would love to see
Purple prose and Prop 8 overturned, my, this is a lovely day :)
Buffy would kick JJ Abrams's ass. let alone Star Trek. Or even Star Trek and Star Wars. And Sidney Bristow.

JOss, of course, could kick Buffy's ass. ::enjoys thought::

Sad about Q11 though.
I was under the impression that the smoke monster was a lesbian as well.

The smoke monster always seemed more bi-curious to me.
The day I finally do something, Joss isn't doing something (well, except for all that work on that whatever film he's doing) so its awesome to see the Purple again!

(Oh and the graph needs to be updated. ;p)
Joss hasn't posted here since my birthday, and that was a long, long time ago, and it was bad news.

5. If Star Trek and Buffy got in a fight, who would win?

They wouldn't fight. They would kiss each other and Spock would totally be into all the women and Xander. Kirk would reprise the role of Parker, and Buffy would bonk hom on the head and take over command of the Enterprise.
Actually, to be totally precise, the Smoke Monster was a "love 'em and leave 'em dead kinda date."

[ edited by Tonya J on 2010-08-04 23:19 ]
I too have missed Joss posts. :)
Uh, oh! Joss has writer's block. That's why he posted here!
Buffy v. Smoke Monster: To the extent that the smokester could be said to have an ass, 'twould be firmly kicked. Just saying.
And when did JJ ever kill a Lesbian?

Well, there was Jack.

What do you mean, "Jack was a guy"? Jack was clearly a very feminine lesbian. *waits for Jack/Smoke Monster femslash*
So what you're saying Tonya J, is that the smoke monster was a 1970's/80's/90's Movies Bisexual. Like a cross between Mr Goodbar and Catherine Trammel?
I love posts from the purple Jossman!

My favorite question is #3:
Have either of you noticed that before you met Drew Goddard, you were both moderately successful cult television producers, but then after you met him, your careers went into the stratosphere?

PS - I love Drew too. And Buffy would totally kick Star Trek's but!
Uh, oh! Joss has writer's block. That's why he posted here!


Now it's time for Joss to eat. ;)
viewingfigures (heh), Like a cross between Mr Goodbar and Catherine Trammel?. I like that description, but perhaps with a little Dressed to Kill vibe, only in the Smoke Monster's case it would be Naked to Kill, because, just smoke.
Wheeee :D!

Yep, that's all :)
Those questions kind of hurt my emotions. They were a mix of "hahas" and "awws" heart hurts! But it was calmed when at last I remembered that Joss posted it! There -- all better.

Thanks for sharing the pain, the confusion, and the joy, Joss!
Wait.. Drew is a lesbian??
Hipp Hipp Heisan Hurra for Joss! SO good to see you back, Sir! :D
Purple prose! Happy day.

@baxter: you didn't know this? ;)
I think now that Joss has popped up & saw his shadow, we get six more weeks of summer or something.
Suck it organic-chemistry-final-tomorrow my life rocks right now despite you.
If this topic falls off the front page without reaching 100 posts then I'm afraid Joss WILL feel that he saw his shadow, and he will never return again (I guess I'm kinda pessimistic, huh?).
By comparison to Joss' shows, that's high quality optimism.

"Let's not talk to Joss."

"He's sad and confusing."
So if we're all puppies that would really explain some of the odd behavior I've seen around here (i.e. pissing in the middle of the thread or getting caught eating underwear, which naturally leads to running off with a look of guilt and promptly hiding under the bed). Huh.
Now that I think about his opening line, "Hi puppies!" seems pretty apropos to describe this group. We're warm, gregarious, and flop around his feet excitedly when he's here. And when he's not here, there is some puppy-like whining going on: "Err, Err (I don't know how to spell a puppy whine!)... Errrrrrrr, Errr, come back Errrr". And when he does, "DAD'S HOME! Get Dad a milkbone!"

Very nice to feel those warm fuzzies.
Joss has arranged to have Buffy's ass kicked :) If Buffy and "Star Trek" got into a fight, I think there would be some strange existential rift in the space time contiuum, since Buffy is a character and "Star Trek" is a franchise. I am not sure where a franchise's ass is, but as Buffy knows more about nonhuman anatomy than I do, she could probably find it. It has often been said that the "Star Trek" franchise has legs, but does it have feet? If not, it would have trouble kicking anyone's ass. If it has teeth, it could of course potentially bite Buffy's ass.

And while I hate for inaccuracies to be perpetrated on the public, if it causes Mr. Whedon to post, perhaps the New York Times could misquote him more often :)
Pretty funny!! Thank you for sharing with Whedonesquers, always great to read your posts. Loved it, love you, can't wait to see what you are assembling.
Yay, purple dude! Yay, Drew! Boo, just got home and now have waaay too many comments to sift through.

I would like to point out that it is the math nerds who are superior to all you other loser nerds, clearly, as our derivatives lie tangent to your curves. Wait, I think that's a sex joke.
PUPPIES??! What about kitties? Puppies, feelthy animals, ptui, we weel not speak of zem again! Clearly the puppies remark is meant to indicate hatred of lesbians which is why he killed Tara AND Miss Kitty Fantastico & the repeal Prop. 8 ad appearance was simply a smokescreen!!!!

(The above must be attributed to the sad deterioration of my pathological condition of Whedonoia, which will be included in the DSM-V, in which every possible shade of intolerable or contradictory meaning is read into every syllable typed, spoken, implied, signalled with eyeballs, hesitated over or shrugged by Joss . . . ;) )
If I recall (and understood) the panel correctly, Joss appreciates the 3D effect for action sequences, because in action sequences space is especially important. You need to know Bruce Willis hiding under the table *right below* the bad guy with the machine gun.

But the shot would be the same--same framing, same placement of actors and objects--whether in 2D or 3D. Plus, since the movie will come out in both 2D and 3D, the filmmaker has to make sure the shot works in either format. In those senses, it makes no difference whether it's shot in 2D or 3D--the shot's the same, we just get to see it more realistically in the latter.

But if The Avengers comes out in a 3D version that Joss gets to shoot with 3D cameras, I'm seeing the 3D version, not just because he makes great artistic choices, but because the comic book genre is so fantastic that the extra dimension (pun!) of realism will make things like Iron Man flying and the Hulk hulking that much more spectacular.
13. If you two had to fight in a cage for the opportunity to kiss Drew Goddard, who would win and why? Please no snarky answers. This is serious. desperate is Drew for a snog?? I'm just sayin'....
LOVE those questions so hard. It would be nice to have all your friends be funny writers whose work you admire.
Yay first Joss post since i become a member.
*do the dance of joy*
... since Buffy is a character and "Star Trek" is a franchise. I am not sure where a franchise's ass is ...

It's at Paramount in Trek's case. They sometimes let kids ride around on it.
If anyone can kill Captain Kirk's hell-mouth sized ego Buffy can...she did the Mayor in, didn't she? (with a little help from her friends, to be sure!) Also, Joss if you read this I want you to know you are my favorite secular-humanist ever...I wish they were all like you (and this from a long-time Christian so please know it took a lot for me to say that! :) XOXO

P.S. Buffy Season 8 rocks my face off and I can't wait for Season 9...and for a possible Buffy movie with original cast once the success of Avengers finally melts the truth into people's brains that YOU ARE THE MAN!
Joss posts! Posts of Joss! If anyone can make 3d essential to a film I'm sure Joss could.
Ah, and as my work day ends I relax with a glass of fine(and cheap) wine, the a/c cranked and the cherry on top of my Thursday...Joss post. Much more delicious and full bodied than this icky(but fine) rice wine. Thank you Joss.
Could we close this site down and start one called 'Goddardesque'?
Thanks for sharing the pain, the confusion, and the joy, Joss!
xWolffspridex | August 05, 00:21 CET

Which is what you always do best, Joss :_) (and please don't ever stop).
Damn, I'm always late to these parties. His Purpleness will never read my adoring comments (yes, that's what it was).

It's the time zone thing. So .... JJ And Drew, I live on an Island. Think you could help me out with my time zone problem??

Betting we wont hear from the Master again for a very long time. Unless he suffers from extreme writers panic and runs out of both food and porn.
You see what I miss being in a different time-zone? Re. Star Trek vs Buffy, I think you really have to look at this from a conceptual level, not a physical one, in which case Buffy clearly wins.

I somehow have an audio file of the whole panel on here. So no 3D confusion here. I just, err, don't care.
Daylight, you have the audio file? Would you perchance mind sending the link, please? I miss his voice...le sigh!

And this is the 100th post that someone up thread had asked for...DONE!

[ edited by BlueSkies on 2010-08-05 11:30 ]
Having just watched "The Wish" again, I immediately cringed at "Puppy." OK, back to the banter.
Does anyone else find it amusing that out of all the recent articles posted here - the NY Post seemingly hasn't been.
Finally, a Joss post! It's been so long - I've missed you, Joss!
Could we close this site down and start one called 'Goddardesque'?

You'll be waiting and waiting, but Goddardesque will never come.
*rimshot* ;)
It's a stretch to get from Goddard to Godot, if that's what that was, but appreciated regardless, heh.
Oh it isn't that big of a stretch, I'll bet he gets that joke every time he shows up late for anything.
To which he could reply "Hey, at least I show up" ;).
Buffy vs Star Trek...Buffy in the Trek verse...

1. Buffy would have to run into a time vortex thingy so as to actually meet up with the future Star Fleet Officers. (Because she'd be only five(?) when she saw them at the San Francisco Aquarium.)

2. If Willow came with her they would take home a couple of tribbles.

3. Buffy would find Wesley totally datable.

4. If the First Slayer tagged along, Buffy could take out the Borg, no problem.

5. Buffy would never make it into Star Fleet Academy. (Well, maybe through the sewers or via a little hacking on Willow's part.)

6. She could bring home enough merchandise to turn the trio into her own personal Revello Drive Irregulars for all eternity.

7. She'd really dig working out on the Holo deck.

8. She would probably manage to bump into never-discovered-before origin planet of the True Vampires. (Do they even have Holy Water in the twenty-third century? Or usable wood for that matter?)

9. If Spock told her to "live long and prosper" she'd punch his lights out for bringing up her sore points.

10. Like Buffy, the Enterprise ever returns and so they are fated to face each other day after day, year after year--with breaks in between for splitting triple chocolate fudge cake from the replicator.
Valid points, albeit stinking of Maniacia's foetid crack polluted atmosphere ;). To me it boils down to:

1. Would a replicated Mr Pointy still work ?

2. Can Buffy grow a goatee ?

3. Rock, paper, scissors ?
9. If Spock told her to "live long and prosper" she'd punch his lights out for bringing up her sore points.

This made me giggle uncontrollably.
Yeah but could Buffy defeat the Kobayashi Maru?
1. Would a replicated Mr Pointy still work ?

Interesting question...Is Mr. Pointy, Mr. Pointy because he was "chosen?" Or are Mr. Pointy's combined experiences essential to his being Mr. Pointy? Is the original essence of Mr. Pointy transferable? Does Mr. Pointy even have an original essence or is he just the result of a fortuitous but random happening of particles?

2. Can Buffy grow a goatee ?

Yes, but Buffy made the beauticians of Sunnydale's Curl Up and Dye swear it to secrecy under pain of staking.

3. Rock, paper, scissors ?

Rock. Because no matter what tradition says, it still makes more sense for rock to beat paper.
That's all I got because Purple!!!
Or are Mr. Pointy's combined experiences essential to his being Mr. Pointy?

Exactly. What makes a stake a stake ? It goes right to the heart of the matter. So to speak.

And rock beating paper ?? A typical Maniacian perspective.

[ edited by Saje on 2010-08-05 19:39 ]
And rock beating paper ?? A typical Maniacian perspective.

Luxan perspective. Planet Maniac is one solar system over. Perhaps this means they have enough in common though to begin trade talks...
I giggled while reading as I heard Joss' comments on his writing process run through my head:

"I have an idea"
"Oh God! Oh God!"
"I'm Hungry"
"Oh, Whedonesque "
"I feel better"
"I'm Hungry"

Buffy would kick Kirk's ass while Kirk would be too distracted trying to shag her.

And my business model comment: MGM's decision to hold back Cabin in the Woods to convert it to 3D was not only stupid, it may be a symptom of why MGM ended up in the hands of their creditors. I wonder how much the rights to it will cost as the creditors sell off bits and pieces of MGM.
So... the upshot is that Joss hates 3D, right? I read it on the internets, and they should know. (Is that irony? I never get that right...)

I've updated the Joss-post tracking chart to reflect his new post w/ the appropriate caption.

(It was good to read a Jossirian post again - including carping. ; > There are so many upcoming and/or potential Joss projects it'll be interesting to watch which ones happen - and how... and I keep thinking that there's one or two I've forgotten about. It'll cooome to me...)
I had a day, clearly orchestrated by Bad Horse, at work . . . and then came home to this. Now I'm smiling. Thank you Joss. And Drew.

Oh, and . . .

#12. Not so much what's the deal, but more, why did you make it SEEM like there was a deal . . . and then . . . have there sorta' not be.
3. Rock, paper, scissors ?

Lizard, Spock.
#11 ... ROTFLMAO!
BlueSkies, here you go
Thanks daylight!! You are made of epicness!
Finally get to be a member of this awesome site and this is the first thing I get to read. This has been a good morning.
Xantastic1316 said:
My question, if the First got into a fight with the Smoke Monster, who would win?

That's a trick question! The First and the Smoke Monster are one and the same! *g*
I mean, they both represent evil, both can only take on the form of people who are dead, they both use powers of persuasion/fear to get other people to do their dirty work... the biggest difference being the Smoke Monster can take physical corporeal form and The First can only appear to take form.
I think the Smoke Monster may be a little scarier as it can do physical harm itself (just not to the people on the list whom Jacob has touched.)
Joss did an ad for Prop 8 repeal? Where?!
Hello everyone! This is my first post on Whedonesque. I discovered Whedonesque roughly 3 years ago, and have been lurking about ever since. The first thing I did when I discovered this site was to head over to the archives, specifically the discusson for the finale of AtS. As I read the comments, they brought tears to my eyes. I'd grown up watching Buffy and Angel, and had fallen in love with these characters, but had nobody to talk to about them. When I discovered Whedonesque, I felt as though I was among friends.

I'd like to thank Joss, for being as special as he is. And I'd also like to thank everybody who has contributed to making Whedonesque as special as it is.

Thank you.
Nice Moniker, I aim to misbehave, and hello.
QuoterGal -I'm so glad you updated your Joss post tracking chart. Purple bar graphs are a happy thing. Keep the purple prose coming, Joss. You are much missed here.
Welcome I aim to misbehave and Inappropriate Starches (such cute names)!

And barboo, Joss posed for NOH8 along with number of other Mutant Enemy writers (he is in the front w/short hair).

Of course this thread is old and there is little likelihood that barboo, Inappropriate Starches, or I aim to misbehave will see my post! lol

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Thank you viewing figures and embers! :)

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